How Much Like Fallout: New Vegas Is The Outer Worlds, Really?

The question is: how much is The Outer Worlds a true successor to New Vegas, and how much is just talk?

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TheRealTedCruz530d ago

Player agency and varied roleplaying mechanics are staples of an Obsidian RPG.
Outer Worlds was definitely a continuation of the design philosophy presented with New Vegas, albeit fleshed out (for the most part) within the mechanics; if a bit more condensed and ground it terms of the world itself.

A lot of people have already said it, but, Outer Worlds is a fantastic RPG is almost every regard. It's the rare title where the first release of a new ip of this scope has little to no obvious flaws to it. And that said, that leaves the door open to just how impressive a sequel could be, considering this is the base.

529d ago
CrimsonIdol529d ago

While I agree, I think besides the general first person perspective combat The Outer Worlds is way more like Knights of the Old Republic 2 than New Vegas. Obviously the feel of the combat goes a long way to making it feel like a Fallout game though. But the structure of the worlds and the missions, the perk levelling system, the companion quests, influence, having a party for combat, and the general companion banter just feel so much like KoTOR2 to me, which did a fantastic job of much the same things that this game succeeded in doing too. Another great game that like New Vegas seemed like a superior sequel/expansion to the original (although in the case KoTOR2 it was crippled a little by being rushed out the door by the publisher). Either way, loved my time with The Outer Worlds.

AK91529d ago

Sequel ain’t happening not as long as Obsidian is owned by MS.

AK91529d ago

@TheReallRedCruz the Outer Worlds IP is owned by Private Division not MS, unless MS buy the rights of Private Division or Obsidian themselves do the sequel won’t be happening anytime soon.

TheRealTedCruz529d ago

You probably would want to recheck the information on this. Obsidian own the Outer Worlds IP. Private Division was nothing but the publisher. With the acquisition of Obsidian, MS now owns the company, as well as all IP. MS does indeed own Outer Worlds.

bluefox755529d ago (Edited 529d ago )

I'm trying to get my girlfriend to try it. Her video game likes are limited to 3 games: Animal Crossing, Diablo 3, and Skyrim. I told her it's like Skyrim, lol. She says the reason she didn't like Fallout 3 was because of the guns and the difficulty, but I said that melee is a viable option in this game, though admittedly, I'm only about an hour into it, so I'm not sure how valid this claim is.

Hroach616529d ago

I’m maybe 5-6 hrs into it now. It became less viable pretty quickly once you get off the first world. It might be fine if you go into it with a melee build in mind from the start, but I didn’t do that so I can’t say for sure. Maybe someone else has that build can comment more.

bluefox755528d ago

Thanks, you're the only respondant that wasn't useless.

KillZallthebeast529d ago

Apparrently people dont like your basic bitch girlfriend.

bluefox755528d ago

Not sure what that means. She's not hardcore enough of a gamer to be my girlfriend? Do people on this website actually have wives or girlfriends? Guess that would explain the bizarre downvoting.

KillZallthebeast527d ago

it means nothing and the fact your pondering is ridiculous

KillZallthebeast527d ago

also I down vote no one I have maybe down 2 tops in 5 years

Fist4achin529d ago

Who cares?! Fallout New Vegas was a winning formula, so why not run with it or at least take the best mechanics and apply it elsewhere!

smolinsk529d ago

No fallout 3 was, the world map of New Vegas was confusing and dull as hell..

smolinsk529d ago

no but between fallout 3 and new vegas, fallout 3 was superior i think..

BadElf528d ago

I would say thats a conversation for another time.

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smolinsk529d ago

It's not open world, end of comparison.

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