Final Fantasy VII Remake "Longest TV Commercial Ever" Is a Charming Story of Memories & Anticipation

As announced a few days ago, Square Enix released a TV commercial of the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake for PlayStation 4.

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bouzebbal485d ago

I loved the gameplay demo of it... Such amazing memories. Gameplay is solid!

ReVibe485d ago (Edited 485d ago )

That time I was in a bar with my sister and we met Hideo Kojima. He was smashed and went on about how FFVII is the bestest game evar. Good times.

Spurg484d ago

I wish that the clock ticked at VIII for FF8 which is a game that truly deserves a remake, not FFVII.
Also, Fans wanted a remaster not a remake

Spurg484d ago

A true FF fan that can foresee an incoming tragedy that will be FF7 remake.

rainslacker484d ago (Edited 484d ago )

Maybe they should have said remaster all those years instead of asking for a remake?

You're no truer a FF7 fan than the true FF7 fans who are excited about this remake.

Spurg484d ago (Edited 484d ago )

"You're no truer a FF7 fan than the true FF7 fans who are excited about this remake."

it's easy to fall for the hype for this game and when I saw the gameplay demo the first time, I was intrigued. But there are glaring issues with this game already.

If the game was a full game then the excitement would have been warranted but unfortunately the game is split in several parts and so far nothing has been shown for the section after Shinra.

-It's not clear how the game will be split into episodes.
-Are they going to remove section to make place for cinematic stories. Which seems to be the case in the game.
-How will the open world work in the next episode?
-How is the leveling going to work in the game. Is there a level cap?
-How long is the wait for the next episode...6 month, 1 yr, 2 yes..
-During that wait will there be content to sustain the player for months?
-What is the price of one episode..£50

There are so many questions that have yet to be answered and we are around 4 month away from release

AnnaDea484d ago


The /.hack series was first 4 parts, yes, that was 4 parts of a series that cost 60 dollars each for the playstation 2. Then a second series was released that was in 3 parts, and that was recently remastered to the PS4 as a collection.

That would answer half of your questions.

"-Are they going to remove section to make place for cinematic stories. Which seems to be the case in the game."

Remove what?

It is already confirmed that this will be a re-imagination of FF 7. The Scenario writer has fleshed out the story to fit better with today's console hardware. So everyone is just bitching that the Midgar part was only around 3-4 hours in the original. Yes, that's true if you play the original now. That only had like 3 sections of Midgar to explore while this seems to flesh out the whole 8 sections. We have already seen so much new footage so I don't understand how people can even complain about the size.

It's 2 full blu rays people.

It has the similar amount of data as Red Dead Redemption 2, the difference is that that was a shit huge open world game while this is "just a city".

rainslacker484d ago


Then wait for it to be clear, and stop worrying so much.
Maybe wait until you know, but Square is actually adding more FF7 lore content
Dunno, maybe wait and find out, instead of acting like it's going to be terrible
Dunno, does it matter? Original was level 99. if this one is 40 or 50, does it matter? the cap is the cap, and I'd hope the game is balanced to account for it.
who knows about what will come during the wait. play something else. Boot up another FF game if you need a fix.
Price is probably going to be whatever the going price of a game is at the time.

The game is a full game. It's just not the full original experience as it originally released. But, you being concerned for what amounts to random pondering of unknowns does not make you a true fan, or others less of a true fan for being excited by it.