Game Designer of Outlast talks about Horror before announcing the new game

In a new podcast with "Wassup Conversations" David Chateauneuf, game designer of Outlast and co-founder of Red Barrels talks about techniques of making a horror game, the origin of Outlast and the future of horror before announcing their new game, teased last week.

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AK911191d ago

I'd honestly like a horror game outside of the Outlast series.

Forger1190d ago

And he has so many cool ideas about other horrors that he mentions in this interview.

plainview10301190d ago

I think Outlast still has things to say.

KyRo1190d ago

I loves outlast. The first game was better with pacing. There were calm times before some chased you. The second game was terrifying because it felt like it you were continuingly getting chased but I don't think it made for a better game.

After10Ben1190d ago

Outlast is the first and only game horror I decided not to finish due to it's intensity. It was a great game, but man I got so stressed out playing it. I never had the stones to try Outlast 2.