EDGE chooses the defining games of the 2010s

With the decade just about over, gaming magazine EDGE has highlighted defining games of the 2010s.

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2pacalypsenow352d ago (Edited 352d ago )

No Last of Us?

What a trash ass list.

Man first not even reviewing Death Stranding, now this? They must really be mad at Sony.

Fishy Fingers352d ago

"note that these games weren’t chosen for necessarily being the best"

They gave Last of Us a perfect score. Dont get your knickers in a twist.

naruga351d ago (Edited 351d ago )

No Bloodborne or Last Guardian ??? this is just BS also says Dark Souls as Nintnedo related --wtf?? if one and only console can be related to Souls series that is Playstation where it all began and also has the 2 best games of the series (Bloodborne and Demon SOuls ) as complete exclusives ...EDGe was always BS

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Nerdmaster350d ago

"No Bloodborne or Last Guardian ???"
They put Dark Souls, and that's basically what Bloodborne is. Dark Souls was a defining game; and while Bloodborne may be a good game, it doesn't belong to this category,
And... Last Guardian? Are you serious?

Orionsangel350d ago

Last of Us was groundbreaking and defined this generation.

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KwietStorm351d ago

So not having The Last of Us makes the whole list trash LOL

2pacalypsenow351d ago (Edited 351d ago )

No some other games on that last are also questionable.

And I play on all 3 consoles and PC.

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DefaultComment351d ago

Allow me to burst your bubble, While I do agree that the last of us its a great or even amazing game, its nothing extraordinary whatsoever, brings nothing new to the table. I will admit that has a pretty amazing story worth of a book or a movie but that's about it. Gameplay wise nothing special, stealth, craft , semi-simple puzzles and a 3rd person shooter action combat...NOTHING NEW, nothing groundbreaking and nothing worthy to be in the hall of fame with the exception of a well written story. I can tell you that much considering that I passed the game twice.

2pacalypsenow351d ago

What did BOTW really break ground on?

King_Noctis351d ago (Edited 351d ago )


You keep bringing up BOTW while ignoring other games on the list. It sounds as if you have a huge problem with only BOTW or something.

I don’t think at this point we should be talking about how BOTW evolved the open world genre, it had been brought up again and again since after the game launched. The game doesn’t tell players what to do, it shows them how to do what they want to do. I mean obviously you would have to play the game first in order to understand that.

Silly gameAr351d ago

A lot of the games on that list did nothing groundbreaking...

Kiwi66351d ago

"They must really be mad at Sony" or maybe they just don't praise a game because of the console its on

Bruh350d ago

I'm always curious to see the age of the people who constantly need to push their console obsession onto every agenda in video gaming.

porkChop351d ago (Edited 351d ago )

The Last of Us was a phenomenal game. However, it didn't really influence many other games which is unfortunate. Defining games would be the ones that really set the standard in their respective genres. The games that were copied and provided heavy influence.

If this was a list of the best games of the 2010's The Last of Us would absolutely be on it.

rainslacker351d ago (Edited 351d ago )

I wouldn't say that BOTW defined anything either. To date, there has been no indication that it has influenced or defined anything in any other game, and it hasn't done anything that other games haven't done before....except implement a craptastic weapon damage system. I don't think that TLOU has done anything defining either, but I think TLOU was a better game, mostly because it had a story, tight game play, and was an experience unto itself.

Only other game on the list I think that hasn't been defining in any meaningful was is Gone Home. nothing about it was influential, and it would have died into obscurity if not for the circumstances going on around it's release. I'm not sure about Spelunky or Amnesia, so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. I'm not familiar enough with those games, but considering I hardly ever hear about them, I am skeptical about them being defining.

I'd actually put Borderlands 2 onto that list. Despite it not being the first in the series, game did have a lot of influence on games now released in the GaaS model....but didn't have all that GaaS BS attached to it, released to critical acclaim, and was played by many even after the release of BL3. Plus, they had a great support model for new content.

Also, why is minecraft on the list? It first released in 2009, and if we're going to ignore the time limits, why not cite series such as Gears, Halo, or Uncharted which had significant influence on the direction of narrative driven games, or MP inclusion and grew that influence well into the 2010's?

porkChop351d ago

BOTW has inspired a lot of devs. Sony themselves are publishing a game out of China that's basically a clone of BOTW. We've seen bigger games like Biomutant being largely inspired by BOTW. We have seen tons of devs over the past two years saying BOTW has been a big influence on how they're approaching player interactivity and open world design/exploration. Even Ubisoft finally started (slowly) adjusting their open world formula after BOTW released.

In regards to Gone Home I'll agree, it should not be on this list. Amnesia definitely fits. To this day games are still drawing inspiration from Amnesia. We don't hear about Amnesia because there hasn't been a new one, but the influence is there.

I would agree with Borderlands 2, but that framework and influence really started with the first game in 2009. That really sparked the loot shooter genre. And the mini-expansions for the first game were the first time we'd really seen DLC done right. I would be fine with the sequel being on the list though.

Minecraft got its 1.0 update and official release in 2011, so I'm assuming that's the justification.

rainslacker350d ago (Edited 350d ago )

I've seen a few people say that a lot of devs have claimed to be inspired by BOTW, but I can only find two developers actually saying that in my searches. As far as some chinese games being influenced, maybe that's true, but I see a lot more Korean influence in chinese games, and the interactive things within BOTW I have seen in Korean games before.

I won't say that BOTW won't be influential, just that it's not really defining games of this decade....much like Minecraft may be influential this decade, but it was last decade it released. Having a game in development, or having a few devs claim it was influential for them isn't really what I'd call influential for the decade, since we haven't see a huge migration of games with that same concept.

That's why I mentioned borederlands, because if they're going to disregard the rules for defining games of this decade, then BL also deserves to be there, especially since it came into it's own this gen more than it did with the first game.

Moreso, I'd even put UC or TLOU into the list, because the success of those two ND games has certainly influenced Sony's own output, and they have had some of the highest rated games this gen, and a lot of them are starting to have that ND feel.

rainslacker351d ago

Maybe they weren't too enthusiastic about making the list?

EmperorDalek350d ago

So basically if you don't think The Last of Us is one of the best games of all time, that's just because you're too biased against Sony.

Such nonsense. Heavy Rain, Uncharted 3, Infamous 2, Bloodborne and Horizon were all far better in my opinion. I really do not get the hype behind TLOU.

Apex13350d ago

Great game, excellent even, but was it genera defining?

whitbyfox350d ago

The Last of Us was Uncharted with zombies. Nothing groundbreaking.

FernDiggidy350d ago

Yeah cuz TLOU gameplay was sooo defining. lol

agree that this list is trash though.

TheEroica350d ago

The people who like Death Stranding don't even like death stranding... Haven't you read the reviews?

350d ago
Sophisticated_Chap350d ago

The Last of Us was a PS3 game.

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Spurg352d ago

-Dark Souls
Definitely one of the most influential games of all time

I would put
-Mass effect 2
-The Witcher 3
-Red Dead Redemption 2

NecrumOddBoy352d ago (Edited 352d ago )

Dark Souls is the multiplatform sequel series to Demon's Soul: the true influencer.

Spurg352d ago

It's clear that you don't have an idea what Dark soul's Influence is.
It's created a seamless interconnected design. From the firelink shrine to many different paths the choice was for the player to take. All of that linked perfectly with the world building tools which were the texts that accompanied the equipments meticulously placed in the world. Along with an array of inventive enemy designs and spectacular boss fights it swipes the floor with Demon souls.

meganick351d ago

True, but Demon’s Souls was released last decade, and this list is current decade only. Despite being influenced by Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls was very influential in itself.

AnubisG351d ago


You clearly did not play Demon's Souls.

rainslacker351d ago

Minecraft made the list, and it first released in 2009. Demon Souls propelled the Souls genre out of the niche and started pushing it into the realm of a game for real hardcore gamers....although I don't wish to discuss the veracity of that claim.

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FinalFantasyFanatic351d ago

Well this is a better list than what we got tbh...

350d ago
-Foxtrot352d ago (Edited 352d ago )

Zelda? Oh colour me shocked...

I would have put Odyssey up there instead

The Last of Us, Bloodborne, Witcher 3, Portal 2 where to be found.

septemberindecember352d ago

I think you think this list is a "best of" list. It isn't. Portal 2 and Bloodborne are excellent games (and I stress that word. Portal 2 is one of my favorites from last gen and Bloodborne is amazing) but they aren't directly influencing other major games.

I'd agree with TLoU, but the influence of that series seems to mostly be with Sony's own studios.

I haven't played Witcher 3 so I don't know.

But Odyssey over BotW for influence? Nah, even if you think Odyssey is the better game BotW did way more different than Odyssey did. Criticise it all you want, but the elemental and physical properties as well as freedom are a push forward. Even if you feel other things can be improved

2pacalypsenow352d ago (Edited 352d ago )

What did BOTW influence really? Cooking? Weapon breaking?

Tbh the only games that have anything on that list is Fortnite and Dota 2.

septemberindecember352d ago


If you think that cooking and weapon breaking are what I'm talking about when I say "physical properties" or "freedom" you are woefully uninformed. You're trying to bring up potential flaws, not the games highlights.

Hardiman351d ago (Edited 351d ago )

The thing is many many games have done what Nintendo finally decided to do with Zelda and imo did it better.

I grew up with Zelda and The Legend of Zelda, A Link to the Past, Ocarina of Time , Wind Waker and Twilight Princess are some of my favorite games but Breadth of the Wild just pales in comparison to me.

I mean if we're talking about open world action RPG's then I'd go with HZD and not because it's a Sony game, I mean it could've been a Nintendo or Xbox game and if it was exactly like it is I'd love it just as much so that narrative is for the birds!

HZD launched a month before and is superior in every way except it didn't have name recognition and nostalgia going for it. But it looks amazing, plays amazing and has an incredible narrative.It also has a far superior game world teeming with life and amazing details! You can see reflections in the eyes of characters (how's that for realism) hell there's even leaf cutter ants climbing on certain trees! Also look at Witcher 3, it's on multiple systems and it imo is superior. The only thing is Gerald and Aloy don't climb sheer rock faces.

That's why so many (even Zelda fans) don't hold Breath of the Wild as high as the diehards.

septemberindecember351d ago (Edited 351d ago )


Again, we aren't talking about which one you think is better. You can like Horizon more, but Id argue about it's influence because I've yet to see any developers say that they are trying to make a game like Horizon Zero Dawn. But I've heard quite a few developers say they wanted to create a game similar to BotW.

Also, why don't you bring up any of BotW details and you only think it's about climbing stuff? I'd love to have a discussion about what things BotW has done and what games have done those things better

Imalwaysright351d ago

That's what people around here don't understand. They think that all that BoTW did was cooking and weapons breaking maybe because they didn't play it or because they are bitter Sony fanboys but what Nintendo achieved with it was a game that truly gave meaning to the words "open world". Unlike other open world games BoTW was designed to give freedom while other open world games only give an illusion of freedom. Games that are constantly telling us where to go and what to do while Nintendo gave us a world filled to the brim with detail and said: go, explore, experiment, do what you want this is your adventure. Mechanically Zelda isn't unique or original but due to how it was designed it provides an experience that is completely different from 99% open worlds that you can find in the market.


Zelda isn't a RPG, it's an open world action adventure game and I'm sorry but HZD isn't even close to do what BotW did in terms of freedom and world simulation wich are BotW highlights and the things @ september was talking about.

Knushwood Butt351d ago

'I'd love to have a discussion about what things BotW has done and what games have done those things better.'.

That's exactly what some people are doing right here.

FinalFantasyFanatic351d ago

Isn't BOTW more of a refinement of it's genre (open world games like Horizon Zero Dawn, Assassin's Creed, ect...)? I don't know if I'd class that as a defining game of the decade.

rainslacker351d ago (Edited 351d ago )

So, Sony being greatly influenced by the success of TLOU means that its not influential because they happen to have made TLOU in the first place?

I mean, if you really look at it, the success of TLOU and UC2/3 probably had the most direct influence on a large number of games we've played from Sony this gen. Sony has released a lot of games this gen. A lot of them are highly praised, and none of them have been truly bad.

What defines influence? The off chance that something may get used in the future like with BOTW, or real tangible influence to the point an entire publishing house is now saying they're going to make fewer games, but make them bigger and more meaningful in the style by which those games pioneered.

What about Gone Home. What about it has influenced anything in gaming? It's mostly forgotten by now, and only got attention due to the circumstances surrounding it. Games like Borderlands don't make the list. Fortnite gets a nod, but not PUBG which pretty much catapulted the BR genre into the spotlight. What was so special about Destiny that wasn't being done well before it released, and has been done better by other companies before and after it's release?

I think there are better games to choose for this list, and to remove the console war from it, I can choose from all the console makers and all the publishers without bringing in bias.

septemberindecember351d ago


Nobody is giving me examples of games that do freedom or physical interactions better than BotW. One person brought up cooking and weapon breaking, which isn't even what I was speaking of. Another person brought up climbing, which is only one element of freedom and certainly not the whole picture.

Do you have some examples of games that you can provide?

septemberindecember351d ago


I wasn't trying to say that TLoU shouldn't be on here because a lot of the games it influenced have been Sony's own. I guess maybe the way I phrased my sentence is to blame. I mean that I would personally put TLoU on the list. Or maybe Uncharted 2. Both games influenced the medium towards better story telling.

I think you're right. Influence is a hard thing to judge. But that's why I'm using what other developers have said or seem to implement as part of my reasoning. Which is why I understand how a game like BotW could have gotten it, because a lot of developers have actively said they want to bring elements of that game into their own.

I don't know about Gone Home. I haven't played it. I could see how fortnite could be on here though, while not necessarily inventing the BR genre it's become a cultural phenomenon, much like Minecraft.

I'm not trying to be biased, and I'm not saying anyone else here is. I agree with Foxtrot that Bloodborne and Portal are really great games, but they already have Dark Souls up on here, so I wouldn't see a reason for Bloodborne. And Portal is unique enough to where I don't see that style being implement in popular games today. Maybe indie titles.

Knushwood Butt350d ago

@ september

I've never played BOTW so I cannot say, but your stance has just changed to cherry picking freedom and physical interractions.

In fact, of the games on that list I've only played Destiny and a bit of Spelunky. As far as I'm concerned Spelunky is utterly forgettable. Destiny I can see how it iqualifies a mainstream example of gaas, but for me I abandoned it at the first paywall.

As an aside, I find it odd that there are no VR games on that list. Does the adoption of VR not qualify as defining this decade, or do they just want to pretend that it doesn't exist?

septemberindecember350d ago (Edited 350d ago )


Not sure what you mean by my stance has changed. My stance has always been the same. Care to give me an example of cherry picking?

Well it's about specific games influencing other games in the medium. VR as a whole isn't a game. I don't think you can attribute VR to one specific game and say that's what started it all.

Knushwood Butt350d ago

@ september

OK, I was wrong to say your stance has changed as you mentioned those points in your first post. However, you are still cherry picking those elements, and it bothers me that when Nintendo finally get around to making an open world game years late to the party they get credited for a game that defines the decade! I suppose being able to beat it in less than 30 minutes is also a major callout here.

Hardiman350d ago

You have to give Witcher 3 a shot! I you liked BOTW you'll love Wild Hunt. It's on Switch now so give it a shot.

We may disagree on certain things but goods games should be played!

septemberindecember349d ago


I've been thinking about giving it a shot, but I have such a huge backlog as it is! I own a PS4 too though, so I'd be more likely to play it on that because of the clarity. Witcher 3 on Switch doesn't seem like a bad port, but it is really muddy due to the constrains of the system, and I think that I might prefer it on my PS4 Pro.

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DefaultComment351d ago

Your sarcasms aren't something to be proud about since it basically spills ignorance, if you so call yourself a gamer then you should know why they didn't make the cut. If not then I don't know what to tell you other you really don't know your games.
Mind you, Edge is not perfect by any means but out of all those reviewers out there,,,,they are the most trust worthy.
Out of all those games you mentioned, I only agree with Portal 2 being under the rug, the rest have a logic explanation why they didn't make the cut.

-Foxtrot351d ago

Oh wow...another “if you think an opinion other than mine are you even a gamer?” bulls*** counter argument

“Edge is not perfect by any means but out of all those reviewers out there,,,,they are the most trust worthy.”


They can’t even play a game (Death Stranding) as a gamer and they are being paid for it

Don’t question me as a gamer then praise a publication like EDGE

DefaultComment351d ago

"They can’t even play a game (Death Stranding) as a gamer and they are being paid for it"
They already explained why they didn't reviewed it, so i suggest you go and do a simple 5 min research on why and then come back to have a proper discussion. Like I said on my previous comment, "they aren't perfect by any means" so I don't expect them to be flawless and I also mentioned that I trust their criteria more then most of journalist reviewers out there. I may not always agree with their criteria but I know that they are strict enough to earned the trust from serious gamers.

"Don’t question me as a gamer then praise a publication like EDGE"
Yes I stand by what I say because I've been following their reviews ever since 2013 and unlike you who is basically a troll in n4g I think I can safely say I trust them more then your "opinion"

rainslacker351d ago (Edited 351d ago )

Edge is the most trust worthy? They constantly get criticized for their review scores because they're all over the place and have absolutely no editorial standard for how to score games. They lack consistency between reviews for different games, and what is a negative in one game, isn't a factor or a positive in another....even if it's from the same reviewer. Even before the lack of enthusiasm for Death Standing, I've never seen people say Edge is trust worthy. What's the meme? "Oh, so edgy", because they just seem to do whatever will get them hits.

Even this list has games which had no influence. Things like Gone Home. It hasn't influenced anything, and wasn't even a good game in it's genre. Minecraft doesn't even meet the criteria for their list, because it released in 2009. It had influence into this decade, but what about Gears, or Halo, or UC? they all had a lot more influence on this decade than Gone home or BOTW have had. Whether it's action narrative, high quality MP content, or strong narrative driven games, those things did more than some of the games on that list.

InKnight7s351d ago

We all knows Pokemon and Zelda will always got free pass no matter what.

King_Noctis351d ago (Edited 351d ago )

And why is that? Does Nintendo go and bribe every publications out there in the entire world?

ArchangelMike352d ago

This is the same EDGE that refused to review Death Stranding? Yeah they've just lost all credibility in my book.

Elda351d ago

Far as defining I don't agree with anything on that list though I just started playing DS:R & I did enjoy Destiny.