Overwatch 2: Here's a Comparison Overwatch 1 and 2 Visuals With Character Models

Overwatch 2 was confirmed today by Blizzard Entertainment. Here's how the characters have evolved for the sequel including some fan-favorites.

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KeenBean345808d ago

Not nearly as big as an improvement as it should be, considering this game will be a generation after the 1st

Teflon02808d ago

The stylization makes it kinda unnecessary to go overboard. I'm just happy they're done with that weird look to some characters like tracer. Where it looked like they tried hard to not make her look appealing in a sexual way. Which made her look a little weird shape wise. Looks normal now. Which is good.
But also its still a online game essentially. You want to make sure it'll perform great so I'm not surprised either way you look at it lol

KeenBean345808d ago

Yeah I understand optimisation is important for them. Quite a few friends I know only play games like OW and league of legends on PC as they are really well optimised for older PC's

I was just hoping for something nicer but it's not a big deal, I still enjoy the art style and like you mention, they can get away with it with the art style

Godmars290808d ago

So, not the place to ask for isometric, Xcom-like turn based RPG/STG?

masterfox808d ago

It certainly some gaming developers lost what a sequel means and they are confusing this with just adding different outfits, some shaders and calling it a sequel, seriously devs put your god damn arse to work, but sadly they won't put their arses to work cause they know with some little changes here and there they know a flock of customers will fall for it and buy the so called "Sequel". :/

badz149808d ago

Yeah truly agree with you there. This confuses me as well. It's a GAAS game anyway, why not do something like Fortnite Chapter 2?