Mirror's Edge: A First-Person Revolution?

Is Mirror's Edge just an evolution or a revolution to the first-person perspective and shooter?

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JimmyJames703628d ago

You gotta read the article after you watch the video. It provides great insight to the way video games are changing.

bgrundman3628d ago

Great Piece! Good work!

CrAppleton3628d ago

for sure one that needs to be picked up!

killyourfm3628d ago

I thought the demo was actually tough - which is a refreshing change - but there's no denying how incredibly groundbreaking this game is going to be.

NaiNaiNai3628d ago

my favorite part about that demo was trying the time trial. it was cool seeing all the routes people tried to get the fastest times. people at the top where insane. *only managed to make it into the top 50 :(*