Why the PlayStation 4 Triumphed Over the Xbox One

Sony has decisively won this round of the console wars. Why?

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PhoenixUp529d ago

“What’s striking about this situation is how unexpected it was back in 2012.”

I always expected in 2012 that the PS4 would outsell the next Xbox even before we had official news on the reveals of the 8th gen systems.

PS3 reached 70 million units sold around the same time as Xbox 360 did despite being more expensive and releasing a year later. What chance would Microsoft have in the next gen if they couldn’t even keep the lead that releasing one year ahead afforded them?

Plus the North American market is the most fickle market so no one company could have absolute claim to always reign supreme within the territory. Meanwhile in other markets in the worldwide arena PlayStation always outperformed the Xbox brand. Even with Xbox 360 gaining so much marketshare in the largest console market in the world, it was still selling at a slower rate since day one than PlayStation 3.

So while Microsoft could try all its might to win the NA market for their next Xbox console in the following year, it was clear back then it’d be impossible for them to be PS4 in the global space. Same principle holds true for the 9th gen successors.

darthv72529d ago

I'm glad I bought into both. I know not everyone can do that but I've been a gamer for a really long time (over 40 years) and always enjoyed playing the field.

RosweeSon529d ago

Yeah PS4 and switch for me owned and Xbox for 4 months then realised what a mistake I’d made and sold it again. Such a poor gen from them. Glad I didn’t keep my console until gears 5 and crackdown, gears might have been alright but crackdown looked awful.

rainslacker529d ago

I brought into all three. Xbox is the only one I feel hasn't been worth it. Which is why I'm more critical of MS than I would be otherwise.

SolidGamerX529d ago

Not everyone who can wants to.

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ApocalypseShadow529d ago (Edited 529d ago )

Yup. A lot of gamers that have been around long enough could see who was going to end up on top even if Microsoft hadn't tripped themselves up.

We said in the past that if Sony and Microsoft launched at the same time, Microsoft would get dominated. We just didn't know the level of domination from games, awards, sales, add-ons like VR, amount of content, third party support, etc. It's surprising given the competition of Nintendo, Microsoft, cell phones, tablets, streaming services, etc for consumer's attention. Sony went past Warp 9. Beyond Trans Warp. Beyond Slip Streaming. Yeah. Star Trek reference.

What would be interesting though is to get the perspective of Bloodmask, Top Gamer, Power of Green, The Mart and every........interesting commenter on N4G back in the day to see if they have those same views about a certain company today. And what they thought of Sony's almost complete domination of their opponent. It would be a fascinating update.

darthv72529d ago (Edited 529d ago )

The launch reminded me of the saturn / ps1 days where Sega made all sorts of mistakes and sony capitalized on them and ran with it. Now despite the mistakes of the suits... that doesnt mean the hardware is bad. Quite the contrary, saturn was an amazing piece of kit and had some really well made games but to little to late.

Same with MS and they had the ability to correct things earlier on but they just didnt. The hardware is still good but its management and execution... not so much. I will say though, XBO has fared considerably better than the saturn but both were way behind their principal competition through no fault but their own incompetence.

AngelicIceDiamond529d ago

"PS3 reached 70 million units sold around the same time as Xbox 360 did despite being more expensive and releasing a year later. What chance would Microsoft have in the next gen if they couldn’t even keep the lead that releasing one year ahead afforded them?"

That's kind of a shallow way of thinking. MS was still a popular console on its own despite being cheaper and a year lead. Everyone wanted Halo and its was the COD machine and XBL attracted many plus it had good games, at the start anyway. It wasn't popular due to Sony's missteps, sure it helped it but it wasn't the ultimate factor.

XabiDaChosenOne528d ago

That's a strawman on your part, he never argued that the 360 wouldn't become popular in its own right. His point was that it would have suffered a bigger loss in market share had the PS3 launched in a more favorable condition.

rainslacker529d ago

Since MS first talked about DRM, I knew Sony was going to walk away with the generation. I think they would have had more competition from MS had they not screwed up the launch, but I think Sony would have still won overall this gen...barring another Nintendo triumph. Xbox brand just isn't as strong worldwide, and last gen, their numbers were bolstered quite a bit due to RRoD.

I didn't expect MS to take quite so much a pounding from Sony though. Not just in console sales, but overall. MS has done some good stuff this gen, but their biggest failing....first party game output...has held them back more than the early DRM/Kinect/Always online has.

XabiDaChosenOne528d ago

I remember how surreal the rumor articles were about the type of DRM Microsoft was planning to implement before the XB1 reveal. In my mind I was like "There is no way they are going to try this stuff, I don't believe it". Than the reveal God the meltdowns that ensued was comedy gold. The mass exodus that I saw from the Xbox camp was like a scene from an apocalyptic movie. I legitimately thought the Xbox camp was going to be a deserted wasteland for this entire generation lol.

rainslacker528d ago

I didn't believe the rumor articles, and was telling people there was no way that MS would have an always online console after the Adam Orth controversy. I didn't think MS would be that stupid. I was telling Sony fan boys to back off, because they were being reactionary. I did discuss the potential ramifications though since I found it a good discussion. In the end, not only were they that stupid, they went well beyond what I thought a company would try with the DRM. In the end, most of my philosophical pondering on the issue in forums turned out to be true....that no one would want an always online device.

It was pretty surreal though, because it's the first time in a long time I've seen the gaming community pretty much all agree on a topic, and even most of the rampant fan boys or Xbox extreme fan boy streamers were either upset with MS, or dead silent on the issue. There were a couple that fought the good fight, but even when MS told their fans how to sell it, which they need to do because people can't think for themselves, they still didn't do it, because no one would listen.

PhoenixUp529d ago

@ Captain

“Odd how you suggest the NA market to be so fickle. I think what you mean to say is its not so loyal”

Fickle: changing frequently, especially as regards one's loyalties, interests, or affection.

“The reasons why the ps4 did such a turnaround is mainly price and hardware”

There was nothing from PS4 to turnaround from. It was hugely successful since day one.

@ Angel

“That's kind of a shallow way of thinking.”

What’s shallow about pointing out the truth? Xbox 360 was hugely successful in its own right that wasn’t enough to maintain its lead over the competition. At the end of the day it’s still the slowest selling 7th gen system.

Ratchet75528d ago

Even if microsoft came out with a machine much cheaper in Europe or asia, people would still go for playstation.

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Atticus_finch529d ago

It has always been that simple for Sony.

KryptonKronos529d ago

That's literally it, there's no big mystery about it. Plain and simple.

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bluefox755529d ago

Games. Didn't need an article for this.

solideagle529d ago

I would say
Stellar line up and xbox stupid mistakes at launch.
Next gen is going to be interesting

The Wood529d ago (Edited 529d ago )

More games of a higher quality, quantity and variety on a more consistent basis