Diablo IV Officially Announced for PC, PS4, Xbox One With Spectacular Cinematic & Gameplay Trailers

Today Blizzard Entertainment hosted the opening keynote of its annual BlizzCon celebration, and they finally announced Diablo 4.

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Christopher487d ago

Looks pretty, but so many questions.

Obviously more of a focus on traversal.
Two fighter-styled classes, one mage, no rogue/archer.
They showed a mix of completely dominating enemies and then the usual boss with infinite health stuff.
Seems slower in action, less maneuvers, more about making the right attack/action each second rather than the normal constant attacking mixed with ability cooldowns.

487d ago
Razmiran487d ago

These are only the first 3 classes, not all the classes

Christopher487d ago

I didn't say they were the only classes. But, the focus was on two fighter classes and a mage. Tells me they're still trying to figure out the middle-ground classes if they can't show one of them right now. I'm guessing it's because their design is around the slower action and they don't want archers/rogues to just appear the same as the two other archetypes. No healer, either, but I assume that will be ultra hybrid down the middle.

naruga487d ago (Edited 487d ago )

they returned back to dark, serious and violent artistic direction that is good (they dropped the ridiculous WoW themed Diablo 3 aesthetics ) if they slowered the action even more and made even the simple the enemies more serious threat as Christopher says i would give it a chance ....though Blizzard s not the company it was ...i cant trust them for any reason ....

Razmiran487d ago (Edited 487d ago )

Oh sorry, guess I misunderstood then
Im pretty sure there will be something for everyone by the time the game launches
I think making the simple enemies more dangerous is not really in the DNA of the series even tho it sounds like a cool idea. Diablo is more about cutting through lots of fodder

Mithan487d ago

I would say you are drawing fast too many conclusions.

Christopher487d ago (Edited 487d ago )

I would say I'm just sharing my opinion on what I see so far. You know, talking about games on a gaming website about the latest gaming news.

I didn't "conclude" anything. Just shared my opinion of what was shown. I mean, I literally started my post with "Looks pretty, but so many questions." If I made any conclusions, why would I have any questions?

Old McGroin487d ago

@ Christopher

"Two fighter-styled classes, one mage, no rogue/archer."

That's not a question, that's a conclusion. Just remember some developers don't reveal the entire game with the announcement trailer.

Christopher487d ago

***That's not a question, that's a conclusion. ***

That's a statement. I never said "Only these classes will be in at release" but mentioning what was seen in the trailer.

You people are diving way too deep here. Making your own conclusions.

Teflon02487d ago

A statement can also be a conclusion. Also you did state a conclusion as you watched the trailer and came to that consensus. Which is a conclusion. That's the conclusion you came to watching the trailer. Which is now a assumption based on the way you're saying things. They're not arguing with you, more so than telling you don't jump to conclusions with a reveal trailer. Which is great advice. Not sure why you're trying to refute it lol

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CorndogBurglar487d ago (Edited 487d ago )

You're looking way too far into this, far too soon. And drawing some strange conclusions based on that.

If you watch the image class she is constantly using spells, from that teleporting lightning bolt thing, straight into other things

And besides, slightly slowing down the gameplay would be a plus. My biggest complaint with Diablo 3 was that it didn't have a normal, no mana base attack. Diablo 1 and 2 had a base melee attack that used the weapon in your hand. Diablo 3's weapons were glorified attack stat multipliers. Some classes, like the Witch Doctor, Wizard, and Monk didn't even have any attacks where they used the weapons they were holding. It was all spells and abilities.

Finally, they've revealed 3 classes. Sure, two are melee based. But Diablo 3 only revealed 3 classes at first too, the Barbarian, Wizard, and Witch Doctor. The Monk and Demon Hunter were revealed later and neither of them felt out of place or like the game wasn't created with them in mind.

Give it time.

Christopher487d ago (Edited 487d ago )

Are you and Mithan the same person?

1. You tell me she's constantly using spells (not something I said she wasn't doing) but then go on to agree that slowing it down is a plus?

2. I only mentioned what classes were shown. I didn't say "Must mean the game sucks." I in fact started my whole comment with "Looks pretty, but have so many questions."

3. Is saying "Give it time" your way of telling me to shut up and not share my opinion of what I saw and then asserting that my opinion is a conclusion?

I'm so confused by the defensiveness to my post which wasn't negative at all of the game. It in fact showed I wanted to know more and only relayed my take away from what was shown so far, which was very little.

Fluttershy77487d ago (Edited 487d ago )

"Tells me they're still trying to figure out etc" you are reading too much into it, but who knows?
I think they showcased 3 classes that are the basic types, you got a Mage (that fights with magic) a Warrior (Melee) and a character that is kind of in between (is it a druid? it's physical but is magical too) They basically represent all the classes, you will have variants on these 3... An archer does physical damage but from afar (similar to a Mage) etc.

Christopher487d ago (Edited 487d ago )

I'm sharing my thoughts. I agree, who knows? But, I'm going to continue to talk about a game series I've enjoyed since the first game and make opinions about what I see.

The typical archetype for Diablo games is Fighter, Mage, Archer/Rogue/assassin (tank control dps triumvirate concept, though they obviously tend to overlap a little in small ways). I'm surprised it wasn't here because it's just so typical of the Diablo game. That's why I think it might be something they're still trying to figure out for themselves (that's an opinion, not a fact or conclusion).

The magical fighter is a druid. They were in Diablo 2 -- . Druid is a hybrid that is a mix of tank and mage.

steven_seagull487d ago

People around here dont like people that ask too many questions, you hear me ? Dont ask questions on this site. Only take on the popular oppinion and agree with everyone on said oppinion. Dont even state what you think or feel about anything, you got it ? This site isnt for arguing or debating, this site is only to take on the popular oppinion of the hive and keep your mouth shut.

conanlifts487d ago

Don't worry, I am sure the rogue/ archer will be available to purchase at a later date.

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savedsynner487d ago

I like that it's slower. In D3, the enemies felt like a speedbump. In D2 and D1, they were real threats and the game didn't just throw endless enemies at you. Each enemy was a threat(not Dark Souls level but a threat).

CorndogBurglar487d ago

Bro, calm down man. Nothing I said was meant to be offensive. "Give it time" just meant let's wait to see more before jumping to conclusions. In no way was I trying to tell you to shut up.

All I was saying is I didn't really agree with your observation. That's it. I wasn't even rude about it.

OB1Biker487d ago

If I may
I'm enjoying and trying to get something out of everyone comments including yours since you seem to have good knowledge on the topic.
You telling questioning these guys of being the same person and calling a friendly 'give it time' to be similar of saying shut up.... I'm sorry your the one being WAY too defensive here 🤷‍♂️

NukeDaHippies486d ago

Cool downs were only in diablo 3, which was ass.

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brrdat487d ago

i feel bad for people that still believe in blizzard lol.

Krew_92487d ago

It's really sad seeing most instantly forget what they did. This industry never fails to disappoint me. It pains me to say this but gamers are extremely easy to manipulate. Blizzard shit on democracy not even a month ago, they release a trailer with good CGI and now I see all the outrage evaporate when it shouldn't.

Cmv38487d ago

For shame! People are excited about the game they wanted for years.... I'm fake crying by the way.

Listen, people can have more than 1 thought at a time. They can be disappointed with blizzard foe past actions and excited for diablo 4.

487d ago
savedsynner487d ago

You can appreciate a development team within a bigger corporate structure's work and not approve of the parent company's actions at the same time.

CaptainObvious878487d ago

@ the 3 above.

Or maybe some people use their 2 brain cells and understand what the wider ramifications are, what's at stake, and use just a little self control to not support to NOT support a company that is hurting democracy.

Maybe Krew is wrong, though. Maybe gamers aren't easily manipulated. They're just very stupid or very selfish or both.

fiveby9487d ago

Blizzard was willing to let the CCP influence their corporate decisions. That is shameful. There was a time when western companies stood firm against communist dictatorships. The CCP is thin skinned and weak if they are afraid of a professional CCG player and a couple community managers. Blizzard could have just taken no stance but no, they had to go full on suppression by firing and banning people. For what? Because they expressed a desire for people to be free.

psuedo487d ago

They're just to loose with their money. Jumping from game to game, because they can now having jobs and such. Really it's not a question of being manipulated or stupid. It's just society, and our generation is a spoiled one. Really we get so much for so little.

Think about what 60 dollars would get you in cowboy days. Think about what it will get you now. Think about all the choices, and options we have now vs back then. Think about how the advanced country's have it better than 3rd world ones. Honestly people need to look at themselves, their world, and life, but they won't.

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RedDevils487d ago

It's about trust between fans, and when you lose that, it will be hard to gain it back. In Blizzard case, they need to prove they can get that trust back if not they'll disappear into oblivion.

WharenPeace487d ago

I'm still boycotting them, if others aren't that's on them, but I'm sticking to my principles.

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Fist4achin487d ago

I was going to say, here it is, what many fans have been waiting for and they finally dropped it at a time where they opted to side with their profits as opposed to freedom. Thats them supporting chinas rule over Hong Kong because of the millions of fans there that line their pockets.

Will people truly paying attention to worldly events actually care about people who are fighting for freedoms support this? Will they continue to buy this without thinking of what this company supports and believes in? We'll see.

I know where i stand.

Teflon02487d ago

Man, they publicly apologized and accepted all the negativity and blame. Enjoy your games

Teflon02487d ago

I mean, I never cared for blizzard as a console player who went to pc a year and a half ago. But what they're doing with Overwatch is actually amazing and I'm hoping more devs will follow suit in the future honestly.I think the games as a service like Overwatch, SFV, BFV, MW etc is the best thing to do as season passes get ridiculous since you're buying a game and immediately gotta be buying these too. overwatch just took it 1 step further saying overwatch 1 essentially will be upgraded to 2. But you only get all the same Multiplayer stuff. Probably still keep the old graphic style and hud etc. But that's great. Not splitting the playerbase at all. I can't say anything negative right now. They literally said everything right with that announcement. I'll give them some credit. Only thing I don't agree with is giving away the Sombra skin from last years VT now for winning 5 quickplay games. defeats the purpose imo. She was a great exclusive skin. Still her best one, but doesn't feel special anymore

Fist4achin487d ago

Okay, so they may have apologized for their actions, but what have they done about their stance on China and Hong Kong? Did they apologize to appease vocal fans and keep customers or do they truly condemn China's actions to the people in Hong Kong?

Segata487d ago

I will get it in 3-4 years when it has a bunch of updates and DLC sold on disc for PS5.

shammgod487d ago

Exactly. Best way to do it with most games now. You wait, you profit.

487d ago
Runechaz487d ago

In fact it will probably be out in 3-4 you want to get it on release date !

Segata487d ago

It says PS4 and Xbox One. I don't think AAA games will be coming to PS4 in 4 years as a general rule. What big AAA games came out on 360 and PS3 in 2016-2017?

savedsynner487d ago

Honestly, hack n slash games aren't the most complex in the world to create. The story in Diablo games also has been good enough but never it's selling point. If this were any other studio, probably out in a year-ish...Blizzard...2-3 tho we have no idea how long this has been in development. The last game they released was Overwatch in 2016. D3 was 2012. It could release maybe Fall of next year.

Muzikguy487d ago

I definitely am interested if this is less like 3 and more like 2. PS5 game too if that's the case

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Relientk77487d ago

Been a Diablo fan since the original on PC. The game gave me chills and scared me as a kid, and I absolutely loved it. I can't wait for D4!

RememberThe357487d ago

Yeah bro Diablo 2 made me a gamer, I really hope they get this one right.

bluefox755487d ago

Same. I almost gave up on it after getting my ass kicked repeatedly by the Butcher. Glad I stuck with it though, I've probably put 1000 hours into D2.

savedsynner487d ago

Fresh Meat! The first real test of D1

patrickman487d ago

Me, too! Diablo 4 looks very promising! I can't wait to get my hands on it!

SyntheticForm487d ago

This looks a lot less cartoony. I'm liking the art style. Diablo 1 and 2 were my favorites. I beat 3 so long ago but I wasn't very fond of it.

This looks sweet.