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Death Stranding is a game about connection and isolation, love and loss, life and death. It's about the dichotomy of grand schemes and personal stories and how everything ties together. It's sometimes frustrating, but always meaningful and important.

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SegaGamer526d ago

"Now I want to pause here for a moment. I’m going to talk about gameplay more, and I’m not going to be especially keen on it. I wasn’t when I first started playing and simply writing it out makes it sound dull. And it is."

"Death Stranding is not a fun game, but it’s an important and meaningful experience that earns its payoff through every bit of frustration and slog"

"It combines some of gaming’s most loathed elements—over encumbrance, inventory management, difficult terrain, fetch quests, finicky stealth mechanics"

But still gives it a 9.5 out of 10......If people are going to criticise low scores, then the high scores deserve the same treatment, especially if they say things like this. You cannot say a gameplay isn't fun, say it is dull, and say it combines all of the gamings most loathed elements and then still give it a 9.5 out of 10.

Games are supposed to be fun, if the gameplay isn't fun, then it's not a very good game. If I find the gameplay part of a game boring and dull, then you have failed with the most important part of the game.

Other games have received scathing reviews for this kind of thing, but this game get's a pass somehow?

This is why all reviews should be taken with a pinch of salt. Play the game yourself or watch some gameplay videos to make up your own mind.

Lionsguard526d ago

These types of reviewers just tell me that they're scoring it high purely because of the Kojima name. They don't want to be seen as the type that would criticize Kojima and it's exactly what I feared would happen.

Christopher526d ago

Reminds me of RDR2 reviews mentioning how laborious it was to do things or how the reality got in the way of gameplay, now here's my 10/10.

Tross526d ago

While I’d agree that people should play games and draw their own conclusions rather than depending on critics and arbitrary scores to tell them what to play, games are more than the sum of their parts. Some games are all about fun gameplay, while others are about the experience.

Heck, one of my personal GotYs this year is The House in Fata Morgana Dreams of the Revenants Edition, and it’s not a fun game to play, mostly because it’s a visual novel which consists entirely of scrolling through text.

While I agree with taking reviews with a grain of salt, perhaps try reading it to find out why the author is ok with some frustrating gameplay rather than skimming it and pouncing on some choice excerpts. Heck, that second paragraph you quoted is one such example, and somewhat undermines your post.

Spurg526d ago

If it stumbles here and there then that fine but the gameplay and design are fundamentally based the mundane. and it doesn't shy away from that.

xHeavYx526d ago

The gameplay point you make is not completely valid. I mean, the Souls games gameplay is not something I'd consider fun, but I enjoy it a lot (or maybe I'm just a masochist)

Spurg526d ago

Souls gameplay is risk vs reward and is fun because of that. Death stranding very well knows what it is and it's making the player go through mundane tasks(Severe lack of variety). The overall consensus is the same the game isn't fun and the pacing is bad. Scores should reflect that and most of the scores clearly aren't.

ShinjukuSon526d ago

dont know why your getting dislikes

SegaGamer526d ago

Fanboys, it's what they do.

I can guarantee if I made a similar post criticising a negative review, I would get a ton of agree's. I'm pretty much past caring at this point though.

526d ago
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