EasyAllies Death Stranding review

In a lot of ways it's amazing Death Stranding even exists. The game often prioritizes the mundane over the exciting, intentionally evoking strong feelings of loneliness by having you trudge through desolate areas all by yourself. Such isolation ties into the core theme, which is all about bringing others together and how strong human connection can be.

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Spurg1433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )

Ben Moore's reviews are on point. One of best video game reviewers out there.
There are quite a number of inconsistencies with Death Stranding and this review points it out. It says Death Stranding practices what it preaches but the mundane gameplay involve mundane things which the player doesn't find fun ala a fetch quest. This completely throws off the pacing which is fundamental in a game that is trying to tell a story.

Deus ex revolution get criticized for is bad boss fight so should Death Stranding. And that's the guy who has creates great boss fights in video games.

I pretty sure everyone was expecting the game to be hiding something with it enigmatic trailer but people got so caught up with the hype that it's shadowing their judgement.

There is a great level of expectations with this game and it hasn't been meet. People said wait and see but there was nothing new to see.

generic-user-name1433d ago

"People said wait and see but there was nothing new to see."

Reviews are saying there is nothing else out there like Death Stranding, which makes it new.

You're talking as if the reviews are mostly negative instead of overwhelmingly positive.

Spurg1433d ago

"Reviews are saying there is nothing else out there like Death Stranding, which makes it new."

By that comment you quote is wasn't about the game but it was about the way it was shown. The way people were saying to wait and see, Kojima is the master of disguise, he is hiding something in the game but unfortunately the game he showed was exactly what we got.

"You're talking as if the reviews are mostly negative instead of overwhelmingly positive."

This is up to the players to decide, the critics must love the game but the gamers are the ones who will tear the game apart. If people found Red dead redemption 2 tedious then this game takes tedious to a whole new level.

timotim1433d ago

That doesn't make it good. And theirs plenty of games that involve fetch quests...nothing new about that.

zackeroniii1433d ago


100% agree with you... i've been preaching that this whole time and nobody listened to me...

now the reviews are coming in...

S2Killinit1433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )

the reviews are mostly positive from what Ive seen so far. Even this one is giving a good score. So im not sure how you getting such a negative outlook from someone who you admit is legit.

yoshatabi1433d ago

@spurg pretty sure when people said he was hiding something they meant story wise.

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ShinjukuSon1433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )

From the guy who gave FF15 a 9....

Maybe he's improved now, but he wasn't such a great reviewer in the past.

waverider1433d ago

Not even close dude. You want to do the quests. That whats weird. I want to take the boxes, you want to help, you want to understand.

Boss fights bad? So wrong. They are hard and crazy and the world becomes weird. Dont want to spoil.

The game goes way beyond any expectation you could have. You are walking or driving and then something that you would think is normal happend, but in this game it take it to another level. Dont want to spoil, again.

There is nothing like this on the market and im glad Kojima got the money to this. Just hope gamers buy the game. Now if you want another shooter, there nothing wrong with that, just buy another COD. If you want something diferent then buy DS, without even thinking. Just grab it, take it home and play it, even better at night with phones on.

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ilikestuff1433d ago

Wow, we’ll maybe they can patch I. Some stuff to make it better, I always thought he should have an animal sidekick to help him and progress the story, kinda like a turner and hooch situation

P_Bomb1433d ago

I think they try to fill that Agro role with BB to an extent. The Gamespot video review talks about your baby companion a bit more.

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AK911433d ago

A fair review from one of the few people who can be considered a good games journalist.

LoveSpuds1433d ago

Agreed, Ben Moore (along with most of the other Allies) is great reviewer, someone who goes into great detail and takes the medium very seriously. The combination of the Allies great writing and Jones' voice over work always make for great videos.

P_Bomb1433d ago

EZA is my go-to for video reviews. Off to watch over some breakfast.

ShinjukuSon1433d ago

FF15: 9.0
KH3: 9.5

yeah sure

P_Bomb1433d ago

I don’t play either of those games so that doesn’t affect me. Never touched a KH in my life and never will.

For games I’m interested in, I’ve found EZA’s edits and bulletpoints informative, relevant and consistent. I don’t dwell on scores much once I complete a game and form my own opinion. Unless you’re a consistent outlier like Slant where I’ve seen enough to know I should avoid them all together.

LoveSpuds1433d ago

Agreed, I have gotten to know each of the Allies over many years of watching their content and I know exactly what their likes and dislikes are and how they compare with my own. I know I can trust these guys every time.

spicelicka1433d ago

Looks like such a unique game, i have to play it!


After 3 years, Death Stranding players discover a boss will bite your ear off if you refuse to fight

Over three years after it originally launched, Death Stranding players are only just finding out that it's possible to lose an ear in a boss fight.

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closed_account70d ago

Lol, Higgs going to get a tribal tattoo on his face to go along with that poetry on his forehead after that move! 😂

Vithar70d ago

lol Holyfield, kojima is crazy man

EternalTitan69d ago

Normal gamers: Great detail!
People who know Kojima: Koji being a Koji.


Death Stranding Is Proof Not All Games Need Boss Fights

DualShockers Writes "Boss fights have been with us since the earliest days of gaming. Way back in 1975, gamers were introduced to the concept by a little-known title called The Game of Dungeons, a Dungeons & Dragons-style RPG for the PLATO system (Programmed Logic for Automated Teaching Operations, in case anyone was wondering) that featured an encounter with The Golden Dragon, which players had to defeat in order to claim a magic orb and win the game."

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potatoseal138d ago

But the boss fights in Death Stranding were awesome. Especially the Cliff ones. Also loved the "giant" one. Don't agree with this person's opinion at all.

isarai138d ago

Same, they were really creative and fleshed out to extreme nature of the event.

Rocketisleague137d ago

Yeah sure even getting randomly caught by the invisible things turned into mini boss fights

DogJosha137d ago

Yeah, unfortunately a lot of gaming journalists are people that don't seem to like playing games. Easy mode? Immortal mode? No bosses? If a company WANTS to make some games for people who don't want to play them, go ahead. Just quit harassing the companies that want to make games for people that appreciate them.