Ubisoft announced Might and Magic Heroes Era of Chaos for smartphones

The beloved strategy RPG series is back from its long hiatus. Ubisoft is bringing this Might and Magic Heroes Era of Chaos to smartphones (Android & iOS)

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Tapani1130d ago

Just about to finish Heroes V + DLCs with the 5.5 mod. It can't be that hard to up the game there by adding more interesting stuff to the maps, new graphics, one more layer of upgradeable units, and tier 8 creatures and make a desktop game that will be a success.

GamingonPhone1129d ago

Lets see what this one will offer :)

Takwin1129d ago

I used to love this series. Yet another that will die to us hardcore gamers on mobile but make FAR more money for them from just the whales. I did sign up for it because of nostalgia and some freebies, but I will never spend a penny on it.

GamingonPhone1129d ago

But with the current situation of Ubisoft, I don't think that they will focus much on grabbing money.