PS5 Could Win the Console Battle for One Big Reason

The PS5 could be the next-gen console to beat if Sony plays its cards right. The company's latest earnings call reveals more.

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GaboonViper534d ago

Games will be what win it or lose it.

ApocalypseShadow533d ago (Edited 533d ago )

Yup. And a variety of them that always covers every gamer worldwide like they always have done. Young, old, casual, core, Eastern, Western. Everybody.

AAA sequels, classics, Indies and third party support. With that special sauce of new IPs.

Got to love that special sauce. I wonder if it could be bottled and used in Fried Rice like Oyster Sauce? Because it tastes so good.

GaboonViper533d ago (Edited 533d ago )

Perfectly said.👏

pwnmaster3000533d ago (Edited 533d ago )

Facts.. let’s be honest, Sony is not gonna have it easy next gen. Microsoft is looking to redeem themself this year after Xbox one. And I remember reading Nintendo is looking to bring their console to a whole new level. I have a feeling next gen is gonna have way more awesome games then this gen.

monkey602533d ago

Even if Microsoft give it their all it won't be for a long time into next gen that I'll support them. I think you'd be mad to just put blind faith into Microsoft in the hopes they improve when they've relied on that same naivety for years now

zoks310533d ago (Edited 533d ago )

So Nintendo and MS plan on coming out swinging but Sony will come out not swinging as hard as them is your logic?

Hmm, i wonder why MS will wait to next gen to rebuild the XB brand when Sony did it for the PS3 in the middle of the gen.
People are less excited for XB towards the end of this gen than they were towards the end of last gen. Yet some of us think that MS is just gonna start next gen like a bat outta hell?
And About nintendo, their console offering seem to be hit or miss gen to gen. Sony on the other hand have been consistent gen after gen since 1994......

notachance533d ago (Edited 533d ago )

US citizen?
XB isn't even in the same league of PS and Nintendo in the majority of the world, never was.
Maybe spread the brand first until it's as famous as those two, otherwise the install base simply won't catch up forever.

not to mention most of the western console market have peaked, meaning there won't be significant changes in the numbers over there. meanwhile in the growing market like asia (outside japan), south america, uae, eastern europe etc PS have overwhelming advantage while MS busy showing their favoritism towards NA/UK.

XBL Live is shit, at least here in my country. we don't care how much it's great over there in US, MS won't win worldwide as long as the favoritism is still there.

rainslacker532d ago

I think MS is working to redeem themselves, but they'll still have that sour taste to a lot of people, because despite some of the good things they've done this gen, people aren't going to forget how lackluster they've been this gen. Some cheap services will maybe help them, but since they're also making it less needed to own the console, their console sales may not see an increase, so we have that whole, "services are the future" part of the console war to look forward to. Over time though, with a good selection of games, they can redeem themselves, but it won't happen overnight, nor will people just suddenly flock to them if they stack their launch with all the games they decided to push to next gen to stack the launch.

I don't know if Nintendo is bringing their console to a whole new level or not. I'm not sure it's needed, because it's already doing well. It's a portable, and a home console and nintendo portables have always sold well. Outside some fan boy bickering, Nintendo and Sony tend to coexist fine within the market, and I've never heard that many Sony fans truly talk bad about Nintendo, but they seem to get annoyed at the NIntendo fan boys a lot.

madpuppy532d ago (Edited 532d ago )

2 years....Microsoft pushes hard for 2 years and then they start shuttering the studios they acquired at the outset of a new generation and rely on third party support and timed exclusives. Just think, In two years Obsidian will most likely be no more. Unlike Sony, Microsoft is about as good a steward of these newly acquired studios as Disney is to Star Wars, maybe even worse because MS won't even try to sell the Dev studios they will just spitefully liquefy them. So 2 years, I sure hope I'm wrong. We need more good studios dedicated to making great games, not Less.

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Atom666533d ago

The article tries too hard to divide demographics into "hardcore" and "casual." Sony's recent comments don't conflict with their prior ones imo. It is possible to focus on the "hardcore" while also offering broader appeal.

I think their comments refer to my prediction that their first party will double down on that big, cinematic experience game still, but I also think we're about to see significant investment into more MP and service games. Not to mention their VR output.

I'll let someone else define "hardcore." To me, someone who grinds to the top of GT Sport is just as hardcore as someone who puts hundreds of hours into a SP game to get a platinum. In addition to GTS2, I expect ND and GG to bring MP experiences pretty soon after launch.

The hardware will accomodate all types. If the author thinks that Sony is going to go the Wii route, they're really taking a leap.

BLow532d ago

Couldn't have said it better myself. It's nice to see some comments where people actually take the time and use their brains.

Italiano1234567533d ago

Sony is just to big worldwide. Noone has ever beat them except Nintendo once with the Wii.

nucky64532d ago

yea - but the wii itself didn't beat sony - the motion-control gimmick did -and that fad didn't last long. nintendo found that out with the wiiu failure.

terstomp533d ago

Too early to call. Microsoft is working very hard on their various subscription offerings which brings in loads of easy money, which they can then use to buy studios and independents, develop the IP they currently have, etc. People seem to love paying for more and more subscriptions. Microsoft has the money, and the power, but time will tell if they can use it. Personally, I'm gunning for Sony.

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rainslacker532d ago

People like paying for cheap services which give them a lot of content. It's hard to say that that's a winning formula business wise for MS for the long term. I don't blame the customers for taking advantage of it even if it's not for me. I just think that expecting it to maintain the same price and same content quality level indefinitely is not reasonable.

nucky64532d ago

who loves paying for subscriptions? i will never enter gaming-as-service in any form. i want to buy the game and own it- regardless if i'm paying a monthly fee.

thexmanone532d ago (Edited 532d ago )

DO you not have PSN OR Xbox Live? I do beleave that is a gaming subscription service.

Rude-ro532d ago

You know, technically, Microsoft has been involved with gaming for as long as Sony if not longer due to the pc environment... and they still invest more into the sales pitch of what they could acquire over investing into actually becoming a game developing company.
They have literally made more hardware products than new AAA IP’s over the last decade....

Next gen will start off only about trust in the company per gaming..
Will diehard Xbox fans switch? No... but once again, the die hard group on sonys offering is much larger.

I do find it interesting that Microsoft is investing in big name streamers though... ie “influencers” for mixer.
Going after those kids that love ninja and seasonal service games that spend money on their parents credit cards.

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