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Death Stranding delivers a fascinating world of supernatural sci-fi, but its gameplay struggles to support its weight.

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Ezio2048354d ago (Edited 354d ago )

Indeed. 81 meta on 44 reviews but already 9 perfect scores(more than Gears 5 or The Outer Worlds for example). Kinda reminds me of The Last Guardian. It had the same meta but had a lot of perfect scores too.

Edit: Ign Italy and Ign Japan gave 9.8 and 9.5 respectively. Very polarizing indeed.

UltraNova354d ago

Oh edgy, so strong, so stunning...

naruga354d ago (Edited 354d ago )

after playing countless console games i have developped a good sense of what it is good and what not......even from watching just their trailers , the same goes for Death Stranding ,never managed to capture me or hype me ....its like mGSV in future with more bland characters .......i hope when i play the game to find smthing interesting to finish it to the end but what i m seeing here is a waste of talent (Kojima) and money (Actors) ...Kojima literally with this engine could have developed a unique action game , investing much much more in mechanics , gameplay and artistic detail instead of paying celebrities to gold wrap the same mediocre game (MGS V)

gravedigger354d ago (Edited 354d ago )

Well, now it's on meta 84 after 71 reviews ( ) and 85 on opencritic after 68 reviews ( )

rtndeep9354d ago

MSGV has been one of the greatest stealth action games ever made which uniquely blends the open-world with in-depth game mechanics. The gameplay itself was pure fun even though the game did not have a proper ending. You calling MSGV mediocre shows how much of a good sense you have developed. I haven't played Death Stranding so I'm gonna reserve my judgment until I have seen proper walkthrough or by playing the game.

Calling MSGV crap made me lose my shit. Damned internet.

Highlife354d ago

Days Gone all over again. Doesn't matter I loved that game.

354d ago
Unspoken353d ago

What's will all the perfect 💯's from no name sites? Can't take Metacritic scores seriously anymore when you have submissions by the likes of PlayStationLife or 6thaxis.

Alright Angry Joe, where is your review.

Flewid638353d ago

Did it drop? I'm seeing 84 on Meta, 13 perfect scores and over about 30 reviews at 9 and up.

darthv72353d ago

I'd take the scores of IGN Wakanda and Zamunda over IGN US. They are going to be more believable and honest.

syphon32353d ago

So I guess Italy and Japan offices are playing a different game, 🤪 jeepers

Chaos_Order353d ago (Edited 353d ago )


Yeah, I've begun to feel the same way too about being able to judge whether to buy games, not just from review scores but having that "feel" when I come across something I think I'll enjoy.

With MGSV, I was really skeptical before going in. As someone who has loved every single MGS since the first on PS1, the idea of an open world Metal Gear rubbed me the wrong way, and I honestly thought the story could be given a rest at this point. My gut instinct was "don't buy this" but I did anyway because so many reviewers gave it high marks, praised the story, said it had the best gameplay of any Metal Gear... What I got was easily my most disappointing gaming experience ever, and I've been gaming since the Master System. The story was almost non-existant and the gameplay grew tiresome quickly. I should've trusted my gut.

As for Death Stranding, every new piece of info has made me more and more interested. After reading a few reviews, I've placed a pre-order. :)


Sorry man, but there are many, many Metal Gear fans who thought Phantom Pain was mediocre. It's extremely divisive, moreso than any game in the series.

bouzebbal353d ago

IGN NA is a joke 🤣🤣😄

DaDrunkenJester353d ago


Man they really sent out codes to A LOT of sites I've never even heard of before. Glad they found some small no name sites to score this game really well.

P_Bomb353d ago (Edited 353d ago )

TheSixthAxis is a multiplatform European site that’s been around at least 10yrs with over 2200 reviews on metacritic. You’re reading too much into it.

skiggy34353d ago

Thats because those sites rate over hype. IGN US is pretty fair and they arent the only ones giving this game a poor score. People hear Kojima and that automatically drives the score up which is BS in my opinion.. Gears 5 and The Outer Worlds are extremely fun, I havent played this yet but from what I am hearing its very boring.

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mikeslemonade353d ago

MGSV is bland. If you think otherwise you don’t know video games.

IamTylerDurden1353d ago (Edited 353d ago )

Death Stranding is now an 86 Open Critic.

Higher than Gears 5 and Outer Worlds.

fr0sty353d ago

This is usually the case when a game steps outside of the norm and tries to innovate. Many with certain expectations don't know how to process it, and don't end up liking it as a result. However, it's these games that end up becoming the cult classics we're still talking about in 20 years.

mikeslemonade353d ago

^my friend has the same logic but this game is similar to MGS5 and mgs4 so it’s not ahead of its time.

353d ago
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pwnmaster3000354d ago (Edited 354d ago )

Anyone find it weird that gamespot and ign score is always so different
Gamespot 9
IGN 6.8

Gears 5
Gamespot 7

Idk who to trust

Artemidorus354d ago

You shouldn't be trusting any of them.

Gazondaily354d ago

Not surprised tbh. The backstage showing was utterly poor.

Lore354d ago

Easy Allies if anything

mandingo354d ago

I mean Gamespot has been anti xbox for years

ShadowKing-354d ago

idk if you can trust any reviews from anyone with this game. this seems to be a game you have to experience yourself and decide whether you enjoy it or not on your own. The story is so weird, but interesting that its like reading a book and deciding if you like the story or not. Kojima makes games around stories, not so much around gameplay.

But thats why i purchased it. It does look fun, the story look weird but interesting (going off the trailers i have seen) can't wait to play it.

victorMaje354d ago

Personally I don't trust either, so what I usually do when in doubt is wait for YouTube reviewers:

In the case of Death Stranding I meant to go in as blind as possible so my only uncertainty at this point is whether to wait for the YouTube reviews or not :)

Ricegum354d ago (Edited 354d ago )


You completely missed his point. Your reply was not really a reply.

LoveSpuds354d ago

Try and find reviewers who have a track record of enjoying similar games to you, that's the best thing you can do in my opinion.

For example, I generally find my tastes align really well with a lot of the Easy Allies so they are reviews I pay most attention too.

Sevir354d ago

What this says if that everyone has an opinion and the game hits people differently.

Kojima expected it to be polarizing. As it definitely is different from the MGS experience.

I'm definitely interested in this

sprinterboy354d ago

You trust none of them, by now with about 8 trailers you should know if you want to play it or not.

Poopmist354d ago

Some people have different tastes. Read the review and look for what you like in a game. Don't just focus on scores

Giblet_Head354d ago

Almost as if the people doing reviews for these companies aren't the same people playing the games every time.

S2Killinit354d ago

IGN is an anti-sony partisan site. Im not familiar with gamespot’s history. IGN ive learned first hand over the years.

fiveby9354d ago

I'll trust my past history with Kojima games. I'll definitely be playing. I don't recall the last game which a site like IGN or any 'major' game site influenced my purchase decision.

Idree353d ago (Edited 353d ago )

IGN is definitely untrustworthy...Review was like asking a CoD fanboy to review MGS4. And the reviewer complaining about slow respawns lol xD

skiggy34353d ago

Everyone has different tastes in games so all reviews will be different. Honestly and unfortunately you have to trust your own review. Too bad PS doesnt have Gamepass it would have been practically free and if you didnt like it, uninstall it..

rainslacker353d ago

None of then are consistent as none of them have any kind of editorial standard on how to review a game.

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SyntheticForm354d ago (Edited 354d ago )


I'm going to see what a close friend says, then make a decision based on his feedback.

Sitdown354d ago

You ever thought that people use reviews because they care not to waste resources.

SyntheticForm354d ago (Edited 354d ago )


I've been doing that all my life. You got uppity over my cautiousness over a video game. That's odd. How does my caution affect you?

You've never asked someone if a movie was worth seeing or a book worth reading? Start growing up now.

syphon32353d ago (Edited 353d ago )

@sprinterboy 😂😂😂 what a dumb way to start the weekend....

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rtndeep9354d ago (Edited 354d ago )


ABizzel1354d ago

Polarizing indeed, but it also seems like a game that would have been much better if it had another year of development under its belt.

1. Gameplay needed needed a bit more of an overhaul, with a reduced punishment from traversal (specifically inventory management walking.... as weird as that sounds), and a bit diversity and overworld combat.

2. Mission structure needs much more diversity besides being a huge fetch quest, and another year could have helped that. There also could have been more camps / factions in the overworld that were seeking different things which could have added more diversity and story elements.

3. Better traversal and fast travel system needed. Again a more balance inventory system for fun, instead of punishment, more traversal equipment / vehicles (running across a huge map is never fun, so having like fast climbing mountain gear, or faster vehicles, and power-ups like in the video where he's outrunning a truck would have been cool). And finally The umbrella should have more fast spawn points in a 2019 game, fast travel is a must.

Overall it seems like a good game / good idea, that just needed more time, and should have been a PS4 / PS5 launch title. Another year and in development to focus on these things, and I don't think we would be seeing these 3 - 6 scores, and the 8 - 10 would be much more plentiful.

generic-user-name353d ago

The reviews I'm seeing make it sound like a lot of the stuff you think needed another year was done intentionally. That it's supposed to feel like 'work' so that when you do come across a ladder or something left by another person that helps you out, it has a much bigger impact on you.

I haven't played yet myself of course so it remains to be seen if that tradeoff is worth it for me, it certainly wasn't for some reviewers.

rainslacker353d ago

That sounds like 3 of my 4 complaints about rdr2. I'm still going to play the game though.

Muzikguy353d ago

I can't wait to play this game in a week. I know it'll be out Friday but I'll have to wait until Monday.

butterknuckles353d ago

Everyone knew this was coming. Extreme backpacking simulator was bound to fail. Its gonna be the next the order. Watch as the apologists move the goal posts again on this tire fire.

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