Ms. Pacman begins eating up the world of video games writes: "Women play bigger role in gaming market.

When Marcie McIndoe found herself on maternity leave during a snowy Ontario winter, she turned to the world of video games for fun and friendship.

"Gaming has provided a major social outlet for me," she says. "I was on maternity leave all winter. And when there are feet of snow outside, to be able to turn on the Xbox and laugh with friends is such a joy, and a necessary one." McIndoe, 33, is no longer considered an anomaly in what was once a testosterone-dominated digital world. About half of those who play who play video games are female, according to recent surveys in both Canada and the U.S.

A new study by the Entertainment Software Association of Canada found that half of Canadian gamers are women. Meanwhile, 40 per cent of Americans who play video games are female, says an annual survey conducted for the Entertainment Software Association. The Ipsos MediaCT survey, released earlier this year, found that women 18 and older represent an even bigger slice of the gaming pie (33 per cent) than boys 17 and younger. "No longer is there a stereotypical gamer," said Michael Gallagher, CEO of the software association."

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