Final Fantasy VII: 10 Abilities That Make The Game Way Too Easy

Sometimes amazing abilities can make a game way too easy. These Final Fantasy VII features do just that.

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hentaicollector492d ago

What a stupid article. Like, saving? Really! What kind of game developer gives players such an overpowered option?

knifefight492d ago

I dunno man I usually play my 40-hour games in one shot.

mabovit492d ago

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ShinjukuSon492d ago (Edited 492d ago )

Knights of the Round + W. Summon + Mime + Final Attack + Phoenix = Game Broken

InKnight7s492d ago

Nothing too easy about FF except FFXV.

SegaSaturn669492d ago

What about the recent ports of ff7 and ff8 where you can hit the analog stick to max your stats?