IGN: Wii Music UK Review

More than any other 'Wii'-branded Nintendo offering, Wii Music truly demands an open mind to appreciate. Join the party with too many expectations – in either direction – and you're likely to walk away either bewildered, disappointed or disgusted. Ultimately, Wii Music's neither one thing or the other and that's a problem if you're the kind of person who demands focus, or indeed structure, to your entertainment. While far from perfect in execution though, the title succeeds both as a glossy non-competitive family noise maker and a surprisingly adept outlet for, admittedly limited, creative experimentation. IGN UK has wasted hours through aimless tinkering and cathartic rearranging and enjoyed every minute of it. Certainly, Wii Music isn't for everyone but, cast aside your hang-ups of what it isn't, and you might be pleasantly surprised.

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