PSi: BioShock Review

PSi writes: "'Is a man not entitled to the sweat of his brow?' Is a gamer not entitled to an excellent port of one of 2007's greatest games? Of course, they are. BioShock has finally made its way onto the PlayStation 3 console and it is every bit as amazing and wonderful as it was a year ago. 2k Marin and Digital Extremes mostly handled the port and the most noticeable difference is that there is no difference. It just as it was a year ago.

Given the recent titles that have had trouble porting over to the PS3, (like Fallout and The Orange Box) BioShock is nearly identical in every way to its Xbox 360 counterpart. Textures look incredible like the water effects, (which are some of the best in gaming to this day.) All of the characters look believable and creepy and Big Daddies still convey a menacing feeling. The underwater city of Rapture is brought to life in every way possible just short of swimming to the bottom of the ocean with a construction crew. It feels vibrant, enormous, dynamic, but most of all it feels believable."

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