Nintendo says it will make more 3DS franchises available on Switch

Switch Lite is off to a strong start. In just ten days, Nintendo has reported that the new system option sold 1.95 million units worldwide.

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Sgt_Slaughter638d ago (Edited 638d ago )

Super Mario 3D Land sequel or Mario and Luigi Series on the Switch would be great, as for third parties exclusives hopefully Persona Q 1+2 gets a release as well or the Bravely series.

KeenBean345638d ago (Edited 638d ago )

Bravely default please, it's so perfect

BillyG0AT638d ago

Can we get some of the old Pokemon games on switch pls?

GreenDragonCVR638d ago

Man I would love if they ported some of the older games over to the switch!

Automatic79638d ago

Return of Samus and Luigi's Mansion 1&2 collection.

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