Gamerlimit: Left 4 Dead Demo Impressions

GamerLimit: "Newly released on Xbox Live is the demo for the highly anticipated Xbox 360 exclusive "Left 4 Dead". The game has been building a generous amount of buzz. Some due to the very vocal Valve staff and their firm position against the PS3 and its unique architecture. But other buzz is genuinely from sincere interest in the game. No matter what side you are on, Valve has made a huge success out of the Half Life series, and are definitely looking for the next hit series."

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TheBrit5248d ago

I must not like zombie games. After playing the demo for 5 minutes I had to turn it off, it bored the life out of me.

Run, shoot, fall through floor, shoot more masses of zombies, head down street, shoot zombies again.

Get bored, shoot car, alarm goes off, zombies are alerted, shoot them all again.

Bored the life out of me lol. Then again, I had a hard time liking dead rising also.

Pennywise5248d ago

Its only on 360 and PC, you HAVE to love it at N4G.

Chris3995248d ago (Edited 5248d ago )

The graphics could use a little work too - the 360 is capable of so much more. Could be because I'm in-between GEOW2 and Little Big Planet, which are equally all kinds of grapical/ gameplay awesomeness.

I find the "design" elements of Valve's games remarkably uninspired. Their scripting and concepts are usually on the mark, the rest sort of falls flat for me.

Anyhoo, that's just my opinion. Whoever out there likes the game likes the game, I'm not here to argue with anyone (people get upset so easily nowadays :) )

- C

lowcarb5248d ago

Come on guys seriously get a sense of humor for crying out loud. This is the 1st truly fun zombie thriller fps ever. It's suppose to be fun and throw you in different zombie filled situations (b flick style)to play through with people online and try to survive. Now not only is it cool to play and the truest team play game ever but the AI director is the 1st of it's kind. If you don't get this game or like it one bit then it's just not for you, but to say it's boring or a disappointment is just plain wrong.

Hububla5248d ago

on steam! this game only feels right with a mouse and keyboard IMO

buy a ps35248d ago (Edited 5248d ago )

^^ Hububla

all valve games fell better with a mouse and a key board. no matter what console you own the PC version is the way to go.

AAACE55248d ago

I don't usually like zombie games myself primarily cause I think they are for kids, which is why I wasn't interested in this game. But I played the demo anyway, and enjoyed it alot! Got a couple buddies in with me and still enjoyed it alot (if not more).

I realized this game gives us something that has been dying in the industry... "Arcade fun". It kind of felt like being in an arcade playing with your friends! I know alot of you younger gamers might not understand that. But I remember going to the arcade with friends, buying pizza puffs, penny candy and playing games like Karate Champ, Double Dragon, Bad Dudes, TMNT, etc. for hours and having fun!

Now so many games are too focused on extreme realism, that it sometimes feels too intimidating to play with someone else on board. Plus, alot of gamers nowadays are uptight and anti-social, or over ambitious and stupid.

I believe L4D holds something that games have been missing for a while, and I am glad it is making a comeback! I don't know if L4D will be the final word for what's been missing... but it's definately a good start!

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P5248d ago

It's funny cause it's true.

SaberEdge5248d ago

You obviously haven't played it.

NaiNaiNai5248d ago

since i cant get on XBL right now i went and got it for pc. even though i had to run it at the lowest setting the game was actually a good bit of fun. more fun online then offline though. its fun to watch people run off on there own. XD

Hagaf225248d ago

yeah there is definitely a teamwork aspect to the game.

STICKzophrenic5248d ago

...but I can see that getting really repetitive.

Hagaf225248d ago

thats why i hoping the have plenty of other zombies types in the game.

lowcarb5248d ago (Edited 5248d ago )

How is it repetitive if every game is different. There is never one time where things will happen the same which means the replay value will be very good. Sure the demo is short but I could see myself playing the full game for quite awhile.

Edit below Fullish: easy my azz lol. Try expert for crying out loud.

Fullish5248d ago

Enjoyed it, but the difficulty is far too easy.

TheIneffableBob5248d ago (Edited 5248d ago )

Did you play on Expert?

And if Expert is still too easy, there's a config somewhere on the SteamPowered forums that makes the game extremely difficult.

Imallvol75248d ago

i thought it was hard, especially in the warehouse where i shot at the "queen" or whatever those crying girls are called.

Bnet3435248d ago

To rate the demo, I say 8/10. I don't think it was too easy. Expert mode was hard. Normal mode was easy.

ArmrdChaos5248d ago (Edited 5248d ago )

The crying woman was referred to as a "Witch"...unless I misheard 'W' instead of 'B'...either way pretty accurate description.

I don't think the demo really shows too much of the monster types. I figure this game will be the most fun with the difficulty tweaked up a bit and 3 friends on live playing with you.

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