Four Finger Discount: First Impressions of Left 4 Dead

Andygoes writes, "I finally cracked - I preordered Left 4 Dead (scratch it off my Christmas list), but I did it for you guys. Nevermind that I got early access to the demo (which is now publicly available) and $5 off (which I can now assert that it was well worth it), I wanted to provide you all with a look at what you have in store come next week! Let's dig in, shall we?"

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CrAppleton3630d ago

Played the demo last night and it was pretty awesome. Had plenty of "OH SH*T!" moments. I really dig it.. can't wait for the full version.

Qfragger3630d ago

I've played the demo over and over again and my lappy has never crashed and i haven't seen any lag at all. I must have played the maps 40 plus times and it's never been the same, even the weapons and pipe bombs are in different places.

Grafs i would say are pretty awesome and super smooth on my lappy using a 8800gts, solid 40 fps all the way.