Sony's Made Four of the Five Best-Selling Home Consoles of All Time, And That's Insane

PushSquare: “There’s life left in the PlayStation 4, but it’s already outpaced the PlayStation’s eye-watering 102.49 million units install base and established itself as the second best-selling home console ever made. It’s got some work to do before it catches the PlayStation 2’s mind-blowing 155 million units, but the fact that it’s already ahead of a cultural phenomenon like the Nintendo Wii (101.6 million units) says a lot about the success of the current-gen console.

Perhaps most impressive of all to me is that of the top five best-selling home consoles, four of them are PlayStation systems. We all know that the PlayStation 3 is the black sheep of the family: its 87.4 million install base is the only one to be under 100 million units.”

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_SilverHawk_325d ago (Edited 325d ago )

Playstation makes the best gaming systems for console gaming. History shows that every generation playstation has the best gaming console with the most exclusive games and highest rated exclusive games. While other gaming companies aren't able to consistently launch new gaming consoles of different generations sony has consistently launched successful amazing gaming consoles.

chrisx325d ago

PS 5 will join the gang.

b163o1325d ago

And people actually ask why I only get Sony consoles. Been riding ever since I got my PS1 and Tekken, and I've been loyal ever since. PS5 day1...

nowitzki2004325d ago

PS5 so young and so much potential. Will be great watching it grow.

DigitallyAfflicted325d ago

@b163o1 same Here, after Sega mega drive, I got my self PSX and tekken and from that day PlayStation is my favourite

The_Hooligan325d ago

I want buy PS5 day one, but since I have a big backlog i will wait. I know PS5 has BC but I want to buy the God of War 2 PS5 bundle. I know it is not announced but I'm sure it will be coming.

RacerX324d ago

Just wish I could bring over all my digital content from Xbox to PS5. It's the only thing holding me back...

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Godmars290325d ago

More like its been the best platform because of a diverse library. Power has always been of secondary importance.

As the weakest system of its gen, the PS2 proved that.

r2oB325d ago (Edited 325d ago )

I agree PlayStation has been the best platform mainly due to its library. But to use the PS2 as some kind of justification that power has always been secondary is a bit misleading. The PS2 was releleased a year and a half before the GameCube and almost 2 years before the original Xbox. It was weaker because it came out much earlier, not because of some conscious decision by Sony. They had no point of reference. Anytime there were aligned releases Sony had the stronger console, PS1 was stronger than Saturn, PS2 stronger than Dreamcast, PS4 stronger than XB1. The only time PlayStation consoles were weaker than the competition is when they came out over a year later, which is to be expected with newer tech.

bluefox755325d ago

More important than power is what their studios are able to achieve with the power available, and historically, their consoles have always punched well above their weight.

darthv72325d ago

Hardware power only gets you so far in the game. The creative talent behind the games is where the real magic happens. I've seen some pretty impressive tricks pulled on systems thought to be incapable of such things. That's why Sony only looks for the best teams that can do the unthinkable on hardware of varying performance levels.

KwietStorm325d ago

Let us all just take a minute to thank Nintendo for gifting us this brand.

Thundercat77325d ago

As a kid, I was made a gamer thanks to Nintendo.

As an adult, I was made a gamer thanks to Nintendo giving me the PlayStation.

Juancho51325d ago

I like when people speak facts. Cant spin any of these numbers, GJ Sony, I've been on the Playstation wave since PS1 and haven't stopped. I have to admit the exclusives are what made me fall in love, so many great titles.

Starman69325d ago

Ps3 was kinda poor at launch

nowitzki2004325d ago

First two sales quarters were better for PS3 than were for the 360.

Muzikguy325d ago

It's an amazing feat for sure. Sony has done a super job and I've been with them every step of the way. Although I do remember when I was debating for MONTHS about what to get between PS1, N64, or Xbox 😂

Shane Kim325d ago

I got an N64 first, but that was because of SNES. Got a PS1 two years later. Never looked back to another console brand again.

whitbyfox325d ago

‘Highest rated exclusive games‘ - wrong. It’s not even arguable, look at the top rated exclusives on metacritic.

PS4: The Last of Us Remastered - 95.
Switch: Zelda Breath of the Wild/Super Mario Odyssey - 97.

PS3: Uncharted 2 - 96.
Wii: Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 - 97.

PS2: Metal Gear Solid 2 - 96.
Gamecube: Metroid Prime - 97.

Playstation: Gran Turismo - 96.
N64: Zelda Ocarina of Time- 99.

You can’t argue with facts.

rainslacker325d ago

It's up there, so yeah, it's arguable. Seriously, hanging on by 1 or two points in the mid-high 90's is pretty desperate on your part.

whitbyfox325d ago

‘Highest rated exclusive games’ is factually incorrect. I proved that. I’m not desperate.

kneon325d ago

unless you take into account that nintendo games are typically scored 10-20% higher just because they are nintendo games.

325d ago
Visceral89324d ago

I'm a Sony guy but you could make a case xbox 360 was better than the ps3. The 360 sold more xboxes till the end when Ps3 caught up. Third party games were ALWAYS better on 360 which is the bulk of games. Skyrim, far cry 3 and plenty others ran like ass because Sony decided to split the 512mb ram. Xbox franchises were also in their prime Gears 1, 2, and 3, Halo 3 and odst, forza motorsport and Horizon. Of course Sony Fanboys will disagree tho.

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-Foxtrot325d ago

Well I mean are you surprised, they understand the gaming market

They aren't perfect but out of the big 3, they are the ones who have more of a clue what the industry needs and what the consumer wants.

Even the "black sheep" of the family, the PS3 was impressive considering that despite pricey it was a blu ray player essentially and at the time a blu ray player on it's own was roughly the same price if not more. So to get something like that which plays blu ray films and is a video game console was a good deal we kind of overlooked at the time.

stuna1325d ago

Yeah I remember when Blu Ray players first came out, they were selling upwards of a $1,000. Having a PS3 at the time was like having an all inclusive entertainment center that also doubled as a gaming console.

UltraNova325d ago

Ps3 had a rough start. One year(1,5 in its strongest market - EU) late to the party. Weak library for 2 years and a high but logical price considering the features it came with and competition that was hell bend in beating them. Not to mention high failure rates (YloD) for a Sony console.

That said, Sony were determined to fix every single problem and they did. PS3 ended up with one of the best game libraries ever and beat(barely) their closest competitor.

If that isn't an underdog story worth telling I don't know what is.

Hardiman325d ago

The PS3 (well the games that it had) is what reinvigorated my love of gaming. No one else was doing the narrative driven games like Sony and if not for the PS3 I may not be gaming now!

2pacalypsenow325d ago (Edited 325d ago )

Playstation is the Michael Jordan of gaming, Nintendo the Wilt Chamberlain and Xbox Dwight Howard.

kayoss325d ago

xbox more like the tim tebow. try will hard, many people like them but could never live up to expectations. in addition, try something different (tebow tried baseball, xbox tried to be a all in one entertainment system) but both still fail.


They're the most consistent out of the Big 3. The only mainline Playstation hardware I didn't buy was the Vita.

HOWEVER, Sony will not have it easy next with this upcoming generation. I'm looking forward to Sony astonishing me once again!

Godmars290325d ago

Why wouldn't the PS5 have the best chance of next gen? Nintendo's given up on system power, where MS has yet show that they even understand the market while focusing on a singular aspect of it.

DarXyde325d ago

LOGICWINS did not say they would not have the best chance - they said they would not have as easy of a time. I agree with that assessment.

Switch is cheaper, well supported, and portable, sometimes exclusively so. Sure, Nintendo is lacking in power, but if that was reality a strong indicator of consumer interest, Greenberg wouldn't be able to contain himself in sharing the resounding success of Xbox One X sales and PC gaming would have enough bases covered to severely fracture the sales performance of consoles. Exclusives would also have a higher attach rate since multiplatform titles can perform better on PC people would only really need consoles at that point for games not on PC (though the upfront cost of a console is cheaper than a really good PC, so there's an argument in your favor to be made there).

Microsoft now does have a better idea of how to proceed: more studios (better quality too), launching with Halo, prioritizing frame rate, and a very competitive subscription service. I'm not saying they're my first choice and I prefer Playstation but far, but I don't think Sony is going to run away with the generation the way they are now. They may still end up in first, but I think it'll be closer, even if only a little.

UltraNova325d ago (Edited 325d ago )

Have to agree with DarXyde on this one.

No new gen is as clear cut as that. There are too many unknown variables that can throw off all prior indications and predictions.

Take current gen as an example, we "knew" Sony would probably avoid past mistakes (ps3 launch woes) and we expected MS coming out guns blazing with a ton of exclusives, powerful hardware and a good price to go with that because we knew that MS knew what mistakes Sony did last gen that allowed them to steal market share, so all they had to do is to avoid them themselves, right? Well the last two year games drought was perceived by many to be MS preparing them for next gen launch window, part of the plan to dominate Sony, at least that's what we all thought...

All that brings us back to my starting point - unknown variables... little did we know that MS's plan was anything but what we thought we knew it was... that they were planning on the death of the used game market, DRM, always online, a weak console and an unwanted accessory that led to a higher price.

Now that I think about it, all that could go wrong fir MS, went wrong...they funny thing about it is that everything was planned by them, every single shred of it. Karma?

Long story cut short, we have absolutely no idea what MS and Sony is planning for next gen and we need to keep our weeds about us and be patient before we make any assumptions (they are both Corps with starving shareholders to feed, afterall) .

Godmars290325d ago

"Microsoft now does have a better idea of how to proceed"

The thing, has been, is that MS has yet to *SHOW* that they had any idea of how to proceed in the first place.

Sony may not "run away with the gen", dominate it, but they likely are going to do well as a console producer. Just like Nintendo.

MS on the other hand is trying to redefine their position in the console market while devaluing consoles as well as gaming by making it as they see it, which is "community focused" MP hash.

TheColbertinator325d ago

Sony had it hardest during its PS1 days. To overcome both Nintendo and Sega which had their fangs in the gaming industry locked down was quite the undertaking .

xX-oldboy-Xx325d ago

Truth - and they did it securing a strong partnership with NAMCO, buying and evolving studios with a good heritage in gaming and creating their own 1st party studios.

They've gone from strength to strength and only the anomalous Wii has had a decent crack at Sony's reign at the top. Not taking anything away from Nintendo, you don't sell 100+ mill consoles by fluke.

PS5 will outsell PS4 and Sony will continue to go about their business of making the best games for the best console.

PhoenixUp325d ago

“Make no mistake: the PS3 was a disaster at launch.”

What does that say about its direct competition, the Xbox 360?

In 2005 Xbox 360 launched in most worldwide markets at $300 & $400 with only PS2 as its competition and sold 1.5 million.

In 2006 PlayStation 3 launched only in Japan and North America at $500 & $600 with PS2, 360 & Wii as competition and sold 1.84 million.

“It was over-engineered, overpriced, and poorly marketed”

Would you rather it be cheaply under-engineered like Xbox 360 instead? Microsoft rushing that console to market caused it to have one of the worst hardware failure rates in consumer electronics history.

Plus it nickel and dimed consumers for various features that came standard on PS3 out of the box to the point that getting it to match the feature set against its direct competitor meant it’d actually be more expensive.

Darkborn325d ago

I have friends that told me they literally bought several 360's because of the rrod. My launch ps3 still works to this day and they said I chose the wrong console. Now they all have ps4s lol.

FallenAngel1984325d ago

How a console that’s sold less than its rival’s launch despite having less competition around its release, being available in more territories, retailing for a cheaper price and better media coverage doesn’t get regarded in a negative light is beyond me.

People who complained about PS3’s cost seems to forget that Xbox 360 didn’t launch with an HDMI port, no WiFi meaning you had to buy an adapter, no full backwards compatibility, had expensive proprietary hardware such as HDD & headsets, no rechargeable controllers out of the box but ones that required AA batteries, locked half the functionality of the console behind a paywall, had a sketchy online points currency that didn’t scale directly to what you paid for, was region locked & worst of all no internet browser. Plus there was a myriad of hardware faults like scratched discs and RRoD.

What you got with PS3 gave you far more bang for your buck. With 360 you were most likely to pay more in the long term than you would anyways upfront with PS3. Hell PS3 has more long term value than the Wii as well.

JustTheFax325d ago

You forgot the HD-DVD player addon as well! haha

Muzikguy325d ago

It really is amazing and how many flocked to the 360 just because of price (and of course the Halos and few others).

2pacalypsenow325d ago


You forgot the part where Xbox 360 actually had good game early on.

Gears of war, dead rising, PGR, call of duty 2, halo 3 etc....

chiefJohn117325d ago

I would tell ya but like you said it beyond you lol so I'd be wasting my time

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rainslacker325d ago

The only disaster that was the PS3 launch was people using the $600 price tag as a way to bolster the 360 up on a pedestal. The media were brought off and found every reason to bring it down. The fan boys were relentless on bringing it down. Like every Sony console, they went on about how it had no games, or that it was so much money. To this day, all we see is, "Sony was arrogant for releasing it at $600", despite the $500 one also available. X1 gets released at the same $500 price, and the griping isn't that it's overpriced, its that they could have made it cheaper by removing the KInect. In the end, that 360 lower price tag, and MS rush to market due to the price war with Nvidia ended up costing a lot of consumers more than either launch PS3 did, because to my knowledge, MS didn't refund people's money if they had to buy more than one console while they sat around denying there was a problem.

PS3 had launch exclusives. They weren't plentiful, but the people who made the most fuss about it sure as heck don't seem that fussed about less output towards the end of this generation from their preferred console.

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