TVG: Football Manager 2009 Review

TVG writes: "This year's Football Manager has to be the most eagerly anticipated in the series' illustrious five year history. You'd have to cast your mind back to Champ Man 4, when Sports Interactive was still developing the series, to find an equally ambitious improvement to the worryingly addictive formula. Released back in 2003, Champ Man 4 added a 2D match engine and brought oodles more appeal to your managing experience in the process. In Football Manager 2009, a 3D match engine that builds on the now finely honed 2D engine is primed for PCs everywhere."


* The best 3D match engine of its kind.
* Press conferences add depth.
* Player preferred moves keep you tinkering.


* The removal of 'cutting-in' runs from formations.
* No Highlight Speed bar in the match engine.
* Sound is still a minimalist affair

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