In-Depth: Inside The Making Of Resistance 2


"Tools group director Andy Burke explained that improved engine tech is what sets Resistance 2 apart from the studio's other games. "A few years ago, for Ratchet & Clank Future, we redid our toolset to make everything a bit more streamlined and manage the huge amounts of data... to make people able to see their changes in the game as fast as possible."

Mike McManus, gameplay programmer, noted a big change was that "we used streaming in the game, which was a pretty big change both for tools and for engine."

Biegel was adamant that the game's co-op design marked a big change for the title, saying, "We really wanted to do something different and special with co-op... the team was passionate with making it something different." The game is somewhat designed to reward teamwork and punish lone wolves with death. "We wanted to focus on what we think is the future of gaming -- that teamwork that happens organically."

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Gue13653d ago

that's the same thing i was thinking. in a lot of reviews there were this people complaining about R2 having only 2 weapons at a time but it was a good decision because now you're forced to use more varied weapons. you find a rocket launcher and boom you use it because you know it only has like 2 shots and is occupying space for another weapons.

but in R1 you have all the weapons with you all the time and you are always saving the powerful ones, like the rocket launcher, for other occasions like when things gets hot! so you're always using the carbin and Bullseye that are the ones that are the easiest to to find ammo...

anyway R2 is great!