PS5 Is Famous... We Can Make It inFamous

Sucker Punch did leave a paper trail for a sequel and all... so where's the latest inFamous game? Should Second Son get a sequel? And should it be on the PS5 at launch?

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IRetrouk159d ago

Unless sucker punch have two teams I think we will be waiting a few years before hearing or any infamous releated news, depends on how ghosts does I would think.

isarai159d ago

I would love a remake or remaster of the first two, but i think the series is dead.

Blade92159d ago

Why would you think that?!

isarai159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

well Ghost of Tsushima for one, two the infamous games never really sold that well (well enough, but not a system seller like god of war or Uncharted), and three Second Son didn't really set up for a sequel besides the vague "i let conduits loose". It just seems like Sucker Punch want to move on to new ideas.

IRetrouk159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

While I agree there are reasons they wont do it, not yet anyway, 6 mill is pretty good, not many games relative to how many get released get near that number on a single platform, I dont think sales have anything to do with their decision, as for the story, loads of places it could go. Cole is alive after all.

indysurfn158d ago

The second game sold faster than even the first one. Why would it be dead? Sony knows it should release a game like that once a generation, thats why there is a delay.

Fist4achin159d ago

A remaster of the first two would be greatly welcomed.

JonTheGod159d ago

Don't need remasters IF the PS5 plays PS3&4 games... 🤨

159d ago
TheSocietalAnomaly159d ago

Jon, you know damn will it won’t be ps3 compatible, just stop. Unless you’re willing to pay $900 for it, it won’t ever happen.

Man_Among_Mice158d ago

@TheSocietalAnomaly there's rumors that it will be backwards compatible with PS3, PS2 and PS1.

badz149158d ago


I think the PS5 will be more than powerful enough to emulate the PS3 already. which means, no native PS3 hardware like the CELL will be needed. however, from recent articles, it seems like Sony is following MS's way of selective encoded emulation instead of native emulation of past last-gen games. so we might get upgraded last-gen games with better IQ and performance but need to wait until Sony enables those games before we will be able to play them.

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IamTylerDurden1158d ago

There is a lot of room for a sequel, SP actually left the door wide open.

Spoiler* Perhaps when Reggie was thought to have been killed his conduit genes sparked and saved him? The sequel could be Reggie and Del tracking down all the escaped conduits from Curdun Cay and Reggie coming to grips with his powers. It could even offer a co op campaign.

You could do an alternate history Kessler game or explore the period before Second Son?

toxic-inferno159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

I find the inFamous franchise to be a rather strange case... All three main games (and two side-games) were fantastic, and worth playing in themselves. However, the series never really seemed to reach its peak. While inFamous 2 was great (probably my favourite), the story seemed rushed, as though they'd crammed their plans for a trilogy into just a single sequel.

Then Second Son felt like the start of a franchise reboot that never really happened.

Such a shame. It's not like the series ever performed poorly or got bad reviews.

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The story is too old to be commented.