TVG: Resistance 2 Review

TVG writes: "Insomniac Games returns with a sequel to one of the few PS3 launch titles really worth considering. Picking up directly after Fall of Man's cliff-hanger ending, Resistance 2 follows Sgt Nathan Hale's attempts to save the world from the growing threat of the Chimera.

Having cringed at the anachronisms of Insomniac's take on a 1950's United Kingdom, Resistance 2 switches the action to familiar territory for the studio. The Chimera onslaught has now passed over the Atlantic Ocean and finds the United States defending its territory on several fronts. Taking the fairly conventional Humans vs. Aliens plotline of the original, Resistance 2 expands upon the storyline with plenty of twists and turns into something that now resembles the grandiose excess of Halo. Whilst the cut-scenes and plot leave plenty of questions, the ability to collect various Intel packages on each stage develops the concept of collectables and helps to fill in many details that are otherwise left unanswered - although fans of the original may find one or two questions still remaining, particularly by the grand finale!"


* Huge array of content.
* A tough challenge.
* Highly creative weapons.


* Can become a little too frustrating.
* Questions from Fall of Man unanswered.
* Occasional aimless wandering.

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