Game Categories Plugin v2: another one for the obsessive compulsive



* No need for a configuration file, everything is detected.
* Convenient integration in the vshmenu for quick switching.
* Patches the IoFileMgr driver directly instead of renaming the folders.
* Loads entirely in kernel memory as opposed to user memory (reduces crashes).
* Recaches the game menu without anything required to be done by the user.
* It has 'Show all' and 'Uncategorized' options.

Nonetheless, I thank MK2k for his contribution to the scene.

Nice to see there isn't any competition between Bubbletunes and MK2k. And quite simply, both plugins are equally just as fab. Just to clarify, when Bubbletunes mentions that he "saw MK2k's APPSwitcher hit the forums," he was referring to APPSwitcher v1.0 - not v1.1."

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