TVG: Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 - PSP Review

TVG writes: "Since PES 5, Konami has been working on a handheld version of its older brother on the home consoles. The road has been rocky but over time and through the usual yearly release format, Shingo 'Seabass' Takatsuka and his team have gradually sculpted a PSP game that's worthy of the much loved footy series. This year's title seems to have ironed out the last remaining hiccups from PES 2008 while adding some new features from this year's next-gen versions as well, offering up the most complete version of the game available on Sony's portable system."


* Become A Legend mode is promising.
* 2 vs. 2 online multiplayer for the first time.
* Online lag has been ironed out for the most part.


* The Champions League mode lacks substance.
* An auto-trick feature spoils the fun.
* Player animations are jerky at times.

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