The Games We’ve Played the Most

Jacob St-Amour from Link-Cable Writes: "Whether you like short or longer games, there is no denying the time enjoyed going through a game. While some titles can be enjoyed through a single sit through, others will ask for a timed commitment to getting the full experience. Today, we will be discussing the games that we’ve spent countless hours playing and why the grind of playing through these entries are so special to us."

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bradleejones288d ago

Borderlands is the last game I really put hours into.

sprinterboy288d ago (Edited 288d ago )

Rocket league for me this gen, for free with ps plus day 1 and play every day pretty much.
Edit: bought £10 worth of cars to support

Petebloodyonion288d ago

Robotron 2084
It's quite a simple game that can easily create addiction.
I remember way back on Ps1 when we were a group trying to achieve 1 000 000 points because of lots of ppl back in the days used to do millions at the arcade machine. When the 360 version came, the goal was now to get get the fable 100 wave achievement.

Street Fighter 2
The main reason why I bought a Snes back in the day after spending countless hours in the arcade! Guile theme do go with everything.

Your main FPS!
Honestly, call it COD, Overwatch, BF, Titanfall, Fortnite, etc... There's one that you spent way too much time to get all the stuff. Me? Blackops 2 and 3.

And last: Dead by Daylight.
It's Halloween so go play the game....