Why Resident Evil 5 and yes, even 6, are worth revisiting on Nintendo Switch

The great Capcom rerelease tour of 2019 will continue later this month when they bring both Resident Evil 5 and 6 to Nintendo Switch. While the two games received quite the contrasting receptions on last-gen consoles, it makes sense that Capcom is releasing both of them on Oct. 29. Here's why you should replay them.

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Neonridr333d ago

6 was very poorly optimized on the Switch. Plus it was one of the worst entries. So I would stay clear of that title.

Vanfernal333d ago

6 is not worth revisiting... On ANY system lol.

deno333d ago

Resident Evil 6 is toilet paper.

nowitzki2004333d ago

I like toilet paper tho, at least it's useful unlike RE 6

Knightofelemia333d ago

Would rather have a cleaned up version of RE 2 and 3 on Switch over RE 5 and 6

Lord_Sloth333d ago

RE6 is a terrible RE game, but an alright co-op shooter. RE5 is a mediocre RE title but an amazing co-op shooter.

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