Media Watchdog Group: Gamers Sent Us Nasty E-mails Over Sega's Upcoming Madworld

Mediawatch-UK can dish out criticism, but apparently has trouble taking it. The self-appointed media watchdog group complains that it was flooded with e-mails from angry gamers in August after the head of the organization called for a ban on Sega's upcoming Madworld.

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DarkBlood5728d ago

ok thats just stupid i read it i think i unstand it but i dont get the point of banning this game entirely my thought was like maybe its because they are wondering why its being made on wii instead of other consoles


10 Underrated Wii Games You Should Play

The motion-controlled maverick of a console that had everyone from age 9 to 99 swing a TV remote to bowl and painstakingly recreating themselves as Miis, had its share of hits, but even so, some titles didn’t quite get their due.

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Friendlygamer1d 3h ago

If you beat la mulana without guides you're either crazy or really smart

YoungKingDoran23h ago

Love this game (played on Vita) and i think i got pretty far, but never finished because i refused to look up a guide 😎

Friendlygamer21h ago

Same with me, played for like 50 hours, found a puzzle I just couldn't crack and decided to let it go. Great game

Venoxn4g16h ago

Madworld deserves a remaster .. such a great game!

gold_drake12h ago

that thumbnail tho ha

i hate snakes ha.


10 Most Underrated Wii Games You Should Play

Beneath all the Smash and shovelware, the Wii really did have quite a few gems.

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Venoxn4g694d ago

Not a bad list.. I would add Excitebots, Kororinpa 1 & 2, Bit.Trip series, Geometry Wars: galaxies


Top 10 Game Voice Acting Moments That Will Make You Go "Wait...WHAT?"

Keanu Reeves appearing in the trailer for Cyberpunk 2077 is far from the strangest celebrity video game appearance. Game Luster's Kate Mitchell highlights gaming's most unexpected voice acting moments.

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