Microsoft xCloud Preview Hands-On Impressions: So Far, So Good - IGN

Here’s a quick peek at Microsoft’s upcoming Project xCloud game streaming service.

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IRetrouk538d ago

Exciting for those that want it as an added service, streaming does have its benefits, especially if you have an unlimited data plan and travel a lot, input lag will always be an issue though, then theres the cost, how many people have an unlimited cap? It could well end up costing more than people realise. Personally dont think it's the way forward for games, as an option, yeah, maybe, but not a main way to game.

Obscure_Observer538d ago


Don´t know about Google but, the fact that Phil Spencer is double down on consoles and Game Pass gives me hope that we are far from a gaming streaming only future.

sprinterboy538d ago

Unlimited data plan in the UK mean max 20gb, there is no such thing as unlimited.
20gb wont last 1 week but I expect ISP will fall in line and change the caps I guess moving fwd.

mcstorm538d ago

Depends who your with I'm with Vodafone unlimited and when I get to 50gb it still carrys on just at a slower speed

537d ago
timotim538d ago

"But so far, Project xCloud feels like an impressive first step towards a “portable” rendition of Xbox One that allows you to bring console gaming anywhere."

And that's all I want it to do! I'm just looking for MY games to travel with me while away from my console and PC...if xCloud can give me that, I'm all good.


This will be perfect for long car trips.

OliveTreeFam537d ago

I want this to work so badly. I have all consoles but have mostly been an XBOX supporter since the beginning. So far it works okay but there is definitely a delay. I’ve been testing it periodically with mixed results but feel pretty optimistic given the early stages it’s in.

traumadisaster537d ago

I think slower paced games might be what this ends up being best for. Strategy games, turn based, etc.