5 Horror Games That’d Be Great as Horror Movies

Exclusively games writes:

''Movies are made from games all the time, and most of the time they’re very bad. There have been some positive ones, and some that are “so bad they’re good,” but one genre that actively sees very few iterations is horror. Sure, you have your Resident Evil movies and your Silent Hill movies, but the intersection of horror games and horror movies could be so much more.''

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Fist4achin287d ago

Good article and any of these games would make an awesome movie if placed in the right director's hands.

carcarias287d ago (Edited 287d ago )

Always nice to see a gaming article that isn't clickbait-y and trying to get people angry just for hits.

Some great games on this list, if I had to pick one to produce, it'd be Dead Space for typical horror/gore or SOMA if I wanted something more chilling and thoughtful :)

My first choice would still be Bioshock though and I think it could qualify as horror depending on how it was done.

annoyedgamer287d ago

Dead Space already took elements from Event Horizon.

AK91287d ago

Eh not too sure about that one it sounds cool in concept but once studio execs get involved that's when things go haywire.