Why Microsoft Should Stop Charging for Xbox Live writes: "Should Sony charge for its currently gratis PlayStation Network? That's the question some are apparently asking in a kind of fawning, anticipatory way, assuming for not entirely clear and maybe even slightly confused reasons that it would bolster Sony's revenue models. Why? I guess because a company with a financial portfolio as complex as Sony's needs speculative general financial advice from the crowd.

The answer is no, of course, Sony doesn't need to start charging for its PSN, or, so long as we make that analogous to simply "communicating and gaming with others online," doesn't as in ever. But since we're tossing around provocative ideas, how about a consumer-friendly alternative? As in: Microsoft needs to stop charging $50 a year for its Xbox Live online matchmaking service."

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chaosatom3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

How come they can buy so many exclusives?
And the money they get from the xbl store is enormous.

I mean if they hadn't bought one DLC *wink* *wink*, then they could have stopped charging consumers for at least 1 year.

MURKERR3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

articles appearing bashing sony for having a free online service? WTF

im glad pcworld have emerged from the 'hate ps3' mist and asked the real question...should xbl be free!!!

the hate towards everything ps3 is soo bad we have gamer sites and i use the word gamer loosely complaining about a free online service?? its getting ridiculous now,why no bashing of microsoft with their rrod,crappy hardware,dvd9, and more importantly...SUBSCRIPTION CHARGES

this biasness is on another level its just shocking to be a spectator in all of this

ultimolu3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

They won't stop charging.

If people are blind enough to keep giving them money, they'll keep milking.

If I had bought the 360 last year, there would be no way in HELL I would even pay that kind of money for online service.

CEO OF N4G3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

Not this argument again.This is not the first and im sure it will not be the last about this same OLD topic of why xbox live should be free.And i can bet we will see another OLD topic on why sony should start charding for PSN.

Stop approving the same old news thats just written differently by a differnet person.!!!!

Bnet3433625d ago

What's the point of articles like this? It's not going to happen. If you don't like it, chances are you don't have Xbox Live so stop complaining. It's like telling Blizzard to stop charging $15 for WoW. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. People who pay for Xbox Live are people who don't mind paying a couple of bucks. I choose the $20 3-month plan because in 3 months, $20 is nothing to me, I pay almost that much a week for lunch. Would I want Xbox Live to be free? Of course I would, but it's not going to happen. Do I want taxes to go away? Of course I would, but that's not going to happen either. Would I want cell phone companies to stop r*ping me with contracts? Of course I would, that won't be happening.

Aclay3625d ago

I doubt that Microsoft will ever stop charging a yearly fee for Xbox Live,but I do think that they could afford to drop the yearly fee because more than likely Microsoft is already profiting from Xbox 360 console sales and I think that they could at least drop the price to around $25-$30 bucks a year.

Microsoft's business model is a more profitable one, but I think that Sony's business model overrall is better for the consumer in the long run and will eventually become profitable later on in the PS3's lifecycle.

I don't think that Microsoft should charge for Xbox Live because you can play PC games Online for free (except for subscription based games), so why should Microsoft charge?

I'm not much of an Online gamer myself, but when I do play Online, I only want the basics and the PSN gives me those basics and I'm happy with it.

As the PSN gets better and better, I think that it will put more pressure on Microsoft to make it free. If Xbox Live ever does become free (probably not), you can thank the PSN for making it happen.

kevnb3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

I have to disagree only because rock* now owes all that 50 million back to microsoft, I figure there will be a lawsuit. Other than that, yeah they should stop charging for xbox live but probably wont as long as millions of people are willing to pay them.

harrisk9543625d ago

"Not this argument again.This is not the first and im sure it will not be the last about this same OLD topic of why xbox live should be free.And i can bet we will see another OLD topic on why sony should start charding for PSN.

Stop approving the same old news thats just written differently by a differnet person.!!!!"

Actually, there is a HUGE difference. These are not the "same old news written by a different person." The difference is that a year ago, the only ones putting these things out there were bloggers and crap on the forums... Now, the "mainstream media" is taking note of the situation and commenting about the absurdity of it all and how MS is ripping people off for a service that should be free. Look at AOL... for years, they got away with charging $21/mo b/c people were willing to pay. Now, it is free, unless you want "AOL premium services", which most don't. MS can charge for premium services if they want, but they shouldn't charge for just simple online gaming. Remember, this is on top of whatever you pay your ISP. In any event, the bottom line is that the regular news media is now talking about this issue - PC World, in this case - not some biased PS3 fanboy.

Algonath3625d ago

dont worry....once PSN has more subcribers, MS will have no choice but to make LIVE free. Just look what happened to Games for Windows Live. They made it free since Steam(i think thats what its called) has more popularity PC online gaming. Anyone agree?

SeNiLe9113625d ago

Theirs always deals for Xbox Live to be found. I have never paid full price for a Gold Membership. Their is even a great deal going on now, Xbox 360 Live 12-Month Subscription Messenger Gold Pack with Chatpad and Project Gotham Racing 4 - $53.99

3sexty rulzzz3625d ago

1----------------------------- ---->100 reasons

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pp3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

Nah i don't mind Microsoft Charging for Xbox Live .if i was getting something for free every time i would feel dirty and cheap. Like PSN

Pennywise3625d ago

How is it free? $300 for the console, $50 for extra controller, $60+ a game..... This is NOT free. Anyone who has gamed on PC's know that every game that came along with online never charged anyone to play unless it was $15 a month MMORPG....

I bought my PS3 and Sony has provided its users with a unified network for free. I dont feel dirty. I feel THANKFUL.

Yoma3625d ago

by buying the console for a large amount of moneys (atleast I did when we still had the 60gig in europe), I would say we deserve free online service

ultimolu3625d ago

...Are you this f*cking blind? D:

RAF-TECH3625d ago

hey PP..

if you want to know how PSN feels like..
Play the GOTY 2008 with bots enabled..

Xlll3625d ago

Raf i rather play lag free 60 player for free then pay with play with cliffys boi toys running around waiting for their nuts to drop. I'll play with the mature players instead for free on PSN. LOL enjoy the 5v5

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Lucreto3625d ago

This is stupid now. Yesterday we has an article stating why Sony should charge for PSN a lot of comments saying to improve the feature now we have one about Microsoft should stop charging.

Nineball21123625d ago

This article is in response to that article. It even says in the title "That's the question some are apparently asking in a kind of fawning, anticipatory way..."

If you click on the full article, that line links to the story about Sony charging for PSN.

I think this is a fair point of view. It says at the end of the article "In the end, it's not a question of what ought to be, but what the market will bear. For now, that's an annual premium for services computer gamers -- with their vastly greater library of games and communication options -- enjoy entirely free."

That is a true statement.

NaiNaiNai3625d ago

this guys a idiot. he said your paying for the game with the 15$ a month fee. T_T what about that 40$ + 20$ *for the expansion* plus another 40* for new one* add that together and thats one expensive game. with XBL you are paying to play all your games on your system anytime you want. T_T not just chat. this guys fails beyond words. hye fails more then pennywise and his pitiful attempts to insult the xbots.

and to pennywise himself. why is that pc games are free. most of the servers you play on are user owned. and those servers are paid for by that user so its only free for you. they will ask for donations and such. so PC gaming still is not free. do your research.

Pennywise3625d ago

Nai, Dont even try it homie....

I played CS for years. I owned a very popular server for a few of those years. I had 1000's of people come through my server with lots of regulars.... I had a couple people help me here and there, but for most of the players in my room it was FREE. FREE. FREE. You dont have to buy a server, you can use someone elses.... so your example of 1 person paying out of hundreds of thousands is pretty weak.

And again, owning a server is by choice... not a forced thing for every player to play.

celldomceen13625d ago

get em pennywise you are correct if you dont mind paying for live thats cool but why is it so wrong if i dont ill buy codwaw on ps3 but a three month sub for gears but i will not pay year after year thats a large percentage of one game, i think ill just by the game on ps3 and play online for free thank you very much.

NaiNaiNai3625d ago

never said free was wrong. i like free. but its always what you pay is what you get. its so rare that you get a good connection for free. ive had my fair share of PSN and i didn't like the lag i would get. thats all. never said it was bad that it was free. but i have a job and i dont mind missing 8 bucks a month. to get a better online gamming community.

Eiffel3625d ago

Microsoft charges-has more users.
Sony does not- and has less.

If thats not a pwn I don't know..

DJ3625d ago

You just 'pwned' yourself, buddy.

Yoma3625d ago

Sorry, but as DJ said, you did.

Eiffel3625d ago

If I do recall this article is about Xbox

Be sure to control your fanboism..would not want you to pop your cherry over a article.

Sherlock mixing an offtopic hardware sale with on topic Xbox live opinion.

You kill me, lmao.

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