Diablo 4 Wishlist – 8 Things We Want from the Long-Awaited Sequel

AusGamers. "Considering things like the current state of Diablo III and the excellent Reaper of Souls expansion we got in 2014, and also looking back at the early days of the franchise with the genre defining one-two action-RPG punch that was Diablo and Diablo II."

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Count_Bakula933d ago

Blizz would have to 1. Evolve the ARPG genre like Lost Ark is doing (and yes, as much as you don't want to admit it, like Marvel Heroes did to a degree), and 2. Completely re-do the art direction so it's not World of Warcraft cartoony, and unfortunately current Blizzard won't do any of that.

Thunder_G0d_Bane933d ago

A wish list is pointless now.

Blizzcon is on Friday so let’s just wait and see what it is. Then review what was revealed.

UnbreakableAlex933d ago

Blizzard is not on my wishlist but on my boycott list. Conscious gamer should do the same.

WharenPeace933d ago

All I want from Blizzard is a return to ethical business. They're now on my boycott list. FREE HONG KONG!

BrainSyphoned933d ago (Edited 933d ago )

Wishlist:All profits donated to humanitarian causes.

Kados933d ago (Edited 933d ago )

A return to manual stat dist and proper skill trees. Charms, Runewords, & player trading. Removal of tailored and private loot.