Co-Optimus: Red Alert 3 Interview - Greg Kasavin on Influences and Design of a Co-Op RTS

Co-Optimus writes: "Co-Optimus: Was the decision to include co-op in Red Alert 3 present from Day 1? If not, why/when was it added?

Greg Kasavin: We knew early on in the development of Red Alert 3 that we wanted cooperative play in it, and we starting designing our missions around having two players in them from the get-go. We had a hunch that co-op would add a lot to the experience because we've all played plenty of two-on-two matches in all our favorite strategy games, and wanted to bring that feel over to the campaign--and to make a long story short, that's what we did! Creating our missions around co-op play did introduce a variety of new challenges for our design team, but our designers were eager to take on the new approach and were able to use co-op play as a means to create bigger and deeper missions than our team has delivered in the past."

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