Sony Interactive Entertainment trademarks PS6, PS7, PS8, PS9, and PS10 in Japan

Sony Interactive Entertainment has filed trademarks for “PS6,” PS7,” “PS8,” “PS9,” and “PS10” in Japan, likely as security for future PlayStation platforms. This sort of trademark security is a regular occurrence for Sony.

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isarai536d ago

Hell yeah, if im not snorting my consoles by then, im gonna be pissed!

ApocalypseShadow536d ago

Good. Hopefully I'll be around to enjoy snorting my games with PS9.

I mentioned this before but I might need antihistamine tablets to play it but I'll definitely have fun before sneezing out my games.

UltraNova536d ago

So by that time if game "installation"(?)wil l be performed via nose[snorting] I fully expect EA, Activision and Bethesda to sell reduced purity products spiked with anything but quality..ehr "ingredients"!

bouzebbal536d ago

God of War 26 confirmed!!!

ZombieGamerMan535d ago

PS10 needs to be a chip implanted into our skulls

rainslacker535d ago

I hear EA will have a console by then. It'll be delivered in suppository form.

Bethesda's console will come in trans-dermal patch form, but it won't work very well.

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THC CELL536d ago

Ye man snort it up and jack in lol

smashman98536d ago

Lol I thought you said snort it in and Jack off.

Tapani536d ago

We talked about this kind of stuff in late 90s when PS2 was about to come out, and joked about PS5 being a really strange futuristic device. Turns out it's just a box with hardware, cooling solution and a disc drive. Just like PS1.

rainslacker535d ago (Edited 535d ago )

Eh. That'd just be Sony copying the Okama Gamesphere who did it first.

Edit: Forgot the /s

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Sm00thNinja536d ago

Exciting to know how committed to Playstations future Sony is

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yoshatabi536d ago

This isn't commiting. It's playing it safe

KillZallthebeast535d ago

After the whole 76 first thing I bet a lot of companies will be doing this

lelo2play536d ago

I'm going to trademark PS11 before Sony...

THC CELL536d ago (Edited 536d ago )

Some of us will never see them. Consoles
Spec when they get 10 yr support

Unless Sony lets us download our self's to the consoles eventually.

Averyashimself536d ago

Imagine a world where we're so busy that we upload a copy of our consciousness to an entertainment system and then download it back to our brain later so we can have the "memories" of a fun time.

UltraNova536d ago


I sure hope gaming will be just one application of this "experience hyperbolic time chamber"

Profchaos536d ago (Edited 536d ago )

San junipero better be out by the ps8 for that to happen.

rainslacker535d ago

That should pay off well in about 50 odd years. With your luck though, PS10 will likely be Sony's last console. I hear streaming is the future or something.

Jay767536d ago (Edited 536d ago )

PlayStation will be a brand that will be around for a while hopefully the Xbox does to.

TheEnigma313536d ago

Xbox is on it’s last legs

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BrainSyphoned536d ago

Is the PS10 the last Sony console? Sources close to Sony suggest it may be so.

sander9702535d ago

Will TLOU 25 be the last singleplayer game?

rainslacker535d ago (Edited 535d ago )

Yes....but what does it all mean? I really hope all these game "journalists" delve deep into analyzing the implications of these trademarks. Then proceed to write countless unresearched and unverified editorial pieces where they don't even bother to ask for comment from the source itself. I mean... Then gamingbolt can ask a bunch of devs what the PS6-10 will bring. I mean...why only up to 10? Why only in Japan? Why isn't Sony talking about this? What about all the articles about how this proves Sony already lost? Doesn't this definitively prove that Sony is merely reacting to something MS is doing?