Gears 5's live service is a bit of a mess so far

Gears 5 won itself piles of praise from critics and fans alike for its evolving campaign formula, which added wide-linearity to break up the corridor shooter gameplay. As solid as the multiplayer seemed on the surface, at events, and during the game's limited access periods, the live service has proven to be anything but solid.

Many of Gears 5's casual fans might have moved on from the game already to single-player games like The Outer Worlds or bigger multiplayer titles like the new Call of Duty Modern Warfare. Gears of War's most dedicated fans, however, are getting the short end of the stick right now.

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-Foxtrot530d ago

Live services are always a mess

TGGJustin530d ago

This was obvious to me when the game came out. It had far less characters and customization items than Gears 4 did and even though they are adding more over time it's a total grind to unlock them. You have to have enough scrap to buy each totem and you can only equip one at a time. Each one requires you to grind in modes you may not even want to play for hours. It's so poorly done and it just makes me not even want to play it. They really screwed up with this.

Sciurus_vulgaris530d ago

The Coalition should have never included hero mechanics in arcade, horde and escape mode. The amount of available mp characters when compared to Gears 4 and other earlier entries in the series is for lack of better words abysmal. Gears fans like to play as certain characters. I personally like to play Clayton Carmine who is in the campaign yet absent from the multiplayer. Several campaign characters: Paduk, Lizzie Carmine, Cole Train, Baird and Onyx guards aren’t playable yet. The swarm team is also anemic when compared to the meager COG team.

I even feel the guest characters aren’t being handled correctly. For explain the COG team received 2 halo characters, yet the swarm team didn’t anything Halo-related. Terminator (which is a struggling franchise) characters are being pushed too much, as they have taken emphasis over major gears characters. Additionally, I think non-guest characters should all be free and easy to unlock, with only special skins requiring either direct purchases or challenge completions.

Poopmist529d ago

I'm having a lot of fun with it but yeah the Totems require too much of a grind.

AK91529d ago

Yup that’s about the standard for all live service games.