Gamer 2.0: Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World Review

Gamer 2.0 writes: "In what seems like the final farewell DBZ game to the PS2, Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World shakes off the Budokai Tenkaichi gameplay and returns to the traditional fighting gameplay that many enjoyed with the original Budokai games. Dimps is back in the driver's seat for this game as they focused on making a great last hurrah for the DBZ fans with just a PS2. Is Infinite World a good way to cap off the series' stay on the PS2?

Infinite World's story mode, called Dragon Mission, covers the entire Dragon Ball Z story along with Dragon Ball GT. Instead of just a series of fights in the order that they appear on the show, the individual events that are included offer other activities such as Goku running down Snake Way and training with King Kai by capturing Gregory the monkey. Other extraneous events are included outside of what happens in the story, such as training missions or other events, like Goku running through rings, that aren't shown in the anime. It's a serviceable way to experience the storyline once more, especially if you're not up for watching the hundreds of episodes that this game covers."

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