Overwatch 2 is just the beginning of the IP's future, hints Blizzard president

J. Allen Brack has told Daily Star that Overwatch may one day be as 'mature' a franchise as Warcraft, with 'different kinds of games' existing within the IP.

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CorndogBurglar727d ago

Wasn't the first Overwatch technically the beginning of the franchise's future?

Hedstrom727d ago

I dont get why there needs to be sequals to gaas games!

Pepin727d ago

Nice big injections of cash to help out the development and fuel additional seasons of content

Hedstrom727d ago

At the same time you start a clean slate with zero number of players. But i guess they see more profit in doing it this way. And maybe it will only be nextgen consoles so they can do more with a higher low level of hard ware!

SkatterBrain727d ago

I Still wanna See Team Fortress 3 Someday

ShinRon727d ago

thats an awesome direction, i hope Overwatch can be to me on console what WoW was/is on PC.

Activision can fuck up a good idea like few other companies tho, so i guess we will see.

TheSocietalAnomaly727d ago

Overwatch 2: Edited for the Chinese Government

AK91727d ago

Well that didn’t last long.