Fallout: New Vegas vs. Outer Worlds: Which Is the Better Obsidian Game?

Cameron writes: "If you have played The Outer Worlds, you are no doubt aware that it bears many similarities to Fallout: New Vegas, both having been developed by Obsidian."

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Duke19357d ago

Nothing against Outer Worlds, but NV was definitely a step above imo. Im enjoying Outer Worlds so far for sure, but the sheer scale of NV makes this an unfair comparison imo.

SirJoJo357d ago

Sorry I know there's opinions an all that but your opinion is just wrong. From someone who loved FNV, I can say that Outworlds is by far the better game in just about every aspect.

yomfweeee357d ago

Wow you seem so matter of fact about his "opinion" being wrong (which literally makes no sense). Metacritic has NV at 84 and Outer Worlds is currently at 82 for PC. So, you can have your opinion but don't be a prick.

Soileh357d ago

Well in my OPINION you're wrong. NV was a better game.

WillyC009357d ago (Edited 357d ago )


Fallout New Vegas is the better game. But that’s taking nothing away from the outer worlds which is also good.

But to quote you ‘I know there’s opinions an all that but your opinion is just wrong’.

SirJoJo357d ago

🤣 Now I know for sure I'm talking to folks that haven't even played and completed The Outer Worlds and likely not even played NV (beat it twice btw)
I can't take you guys seriously😂

WillyC009356d ago

Trust me, we can’t take you seriously either.

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Christopher357d ago

Better cohesiveness and more enjoyable art direction in Outer Worlds.

Better player-driven concepts and some design elements in New Vegas.

Essentially, Order vs Chaos, which is a perfect analogy to be made if you've played Outer Worlds. I find them to be about the same level, just different design choices. Both have great characters and writing. Both are enjoyable.

Outer Worlds I see as something they can definitely build upon now that they have the financial backing to do as such. We've seen what Bethesda has decided is the future of Fallout, so not much potential there.

Shane Kim357d ago

Outer World's next iteration will probably be an mmo.

ReadyPlayer22357d ago

Dear God no. I hope Microsoft sticks to the contract and let's them build a better single player experience. I'm pretty sure the directors said they don't want to move from the hub world's anyway for the sequel.

Zeref357d ago

They can make whatever they want. Whatever Obsidian comes up with next is all on them.

ocelot07357d ago

Not far into the outer world's. But from someone who out has put a few hundred hours into FNV. Right now my opinion is FNV is a much better game. But let's see if my opinion changes once I complete the outer worlds.

DothrakiSea357d ago

It's just missing that exciting exploration feeling that FNV had, I still search around everywhere but you're just gonna find some ammo and health. Other than that (which is a huge part) I really enjoy everything.

Christopher357d ago

There are a few hidden gems (typically science weapons), but they aren't many.

There are plenty of hidden gems in found text throughout. My favorite so far still being one where a person hires a team to hunt a creature, they all die, the company charges the person more because their people died doing what they were hired to do, including grave costs, and then they offer a 10% coupon if the person wants to hire another team with the company to do the exact same thing.

timotim357d ago

Really enjoying Outer Worlds right now. In the end, I have both so either way, im good. Looking forward to what Obsidian brings in the future under XGS.

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