Looking Back to 2014 and Lords of The Fallen

Paul writes: "It’s strange to think that this is a game that was first played five years ago, as it barely seems like last week, but time has certainly been kind to Lords of the Fallen. It still holds up, still plays well and I'm still motivated to finally beat it."

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Abnor_Mal284d ago

Never got to finish this game. Got stuck at the boss who jumps and concentric spikes jut out of the ground.

On my way to that fight I had to go through a grave yard and fight some other creatures and a sub boss.

Looking a videos after I was stuck on that boss , it seems I was suppose to pick up a fallen fire sword. Going back to the graveyard I could see the sword on the ground but could never pick it up. In videos everyone else was able to pick up the sword. For me it was fused into the ground.

I may try to replay it at some point but will have to rebuy it as I gave the game away to a friend when I gave him my base PS4.

Genova84284d ago

LOTF is ok. It's a much shorter game than soulsborne games or NioH, but it was entertaining enough. Only did one playthrough. If I have time (I don't) maybe I'd check out a cleric class. Best it as a ground and pound warrior first time around.

syphon32283d ago

Totally agree, One aspect i really love about this game is the extensive armor customization and how it made my character look badass.

Rambokind283d ago

I actually thought LOTF was laughing out loud the f*ck?

Rambokind283d ago (Edited 283d ago )

I started it but never could get very far. Just too many weird mechanics and tedious questing. Maybe I'll give it another go later.

AK91283d ago

I didn’t like this game honestly but the dev team used their experience on this game to make The Surge so for that I’ll always be grateful.

Spenok283d ago

I'd like to know how the sequel is doing. I know it's gone through some issues with developers... but I'd still like to see/know more.