Top 10: Nintendo 64 Games That Need Remakes

Jacob St-Amour from Link-Cable Writes: "Over the course of this current generation, we have seen the rise of many remastered editions and remakes from many classic titles that range from smaller nostalgia trips to full-blown blockbuster entries. Many of these games have helped rekindle a lost and forgotten IP for a new generation of gamers to enjoy as most titles that have been chosen to be remade are from the early days of 3D gaming, which has us thinking of what other entries would be deserving to be brought back in a big way. Starting this three-parter series are the 10 best Nintendo 64 exclusive titles we would love to see get a remaster sometime in the future."

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FallenAngel1984492d ago

Diddy Kong Racing needs another remake. Keep Dixie Kong and Tiny Kong but also add Banjo & Conker

nowitzki2004492d ago

Obviously some Mario, Zelda, DK, etc. I really want WWF No Mercy as well.

NecrumOddBoy492d ago

Wrestling Games on N64 were so awesome but let's just get it settled: WCW/NWO REVENGE is the best of them all.

metalgod88492d ago

I think it was world tour, but remember unlocking a boxer name Joe Bruiser and he was so much fun to play with. I miss stuff like that in games.

Dom_Estos492d ago

Some of these have already been remade,

bananacrust492d ago

The fact mystical Ninja starring Goemon was not on this list means this person severely lacks any real taste.

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