Top 10 Potential Mario Mash-Ups

What games could Nintendo throw Mario into to restore a crumbling Wii fan base?

TGR has a few ideas--10 to be exact--for great games that Mario would fit into like a glove. These mash-up games would hopefully appeal to those core fans who Nintendo so desperately needs to renew the hope of.

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ThePimpOfSound3653d ago

Someone should probably do this. Can't be that hard.

Have you seen the Robot Chicken spoof on Grand Theft Auto Mario? It's pretty great.

Killjoy30003653d ago

How about creating a new character? Oh yeah, Nintendo amd money go hand-in-hand now.

Nick27283653d ago

The scary part is that I can easily see The World of Mushroom Kingdom game coming into being.

cain1413653d ago

Please don't give them ideas...