ZTGD Review: Rock Revolution

ZTGD: With the recent surge of rhythm-based games it was only a matter of time before the copy-cats started rolling in. I guess in a way that comment is pure irony because if you want to get technical Konami really pioneered the genre. Ever since Guitar Hero revolutionized the idea that a plastic guitar could make you feel like a rock star though, all other games have simply fallen flat. Now the originators of music gaming have returned to take a stab at the current trend of rocking out and the results are sadly disappointing. Rock Revolution takes all of the ideas set forth by games like Rock Band and removes most of the fun that comes long with them creating a title that falls well short of expectations.

+ Decent song list
+ Visuals look good
- Horrible note charts
- No vocals
- Music studio is cumbersome
- Career mode is only single player

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