Naughty Dog and Gearbox - A Round of Applause for These Developers

It's clear that the gaming industry is changing every day. Things that were once the norm are becoming an anomaly and it's clear that many of the developers and publishers that we've grown to love, are now showing their true colors. In spite of all the negativity surrounding the gaming industry, there are still a few gems out there that shine their light in a dark time.

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Spurg602d ago

Be wary of Gearbox they will introduce Microtransaction soon.

Shouldn't the game release first. The last of us part II isn't out yet and single-player games have no reason to have microtransactions.???? But stupid to be thanking Naughty Dog for no reason. Plus the multiplayer is not releasing at launch instead it's coming in the future. Reserve judgement for when that comes out because Naughty Dog's Uncharted 4 featured Microtransaction so expect the same.

Mcurry31602d ago (Edited 602d ago )

Did you even read the article? Naughty Dog was thanked because of their initial decision to push back the game becasue they didn't feel it was as polished as they wanted. Whether the game is bad or not, they stayed true to what they want rather than abiding by a release date. Hence the name of the article thanking Naughty Dog and not judging tlou 2. Plus, I never stated that tlou 2 was/wasn't going to have microtransactions. The Microtransactions portion of the article was dedicated to Gearbox and Borderlands alone.

602d ago
TK-66602d ago

Nice fluff piece. Slow news day I guess...

Kribwalker602d ago

it really was nothing more than a fluff piece. plenty of devs have delayed games for polish, and there’s plenty of devs that do free themed dlc. rocket league has been doing that for years with their events (this halloween it’s stranger things themed, this summer was radical 80’s)

i really dont get the point of this article

porkChop600d ago

Really? Every month we see AAA games releasing broken and unfinished. And we rarely see AAA games releasing free content.

Yet you don't get the point of the article? Are you blind?

The AAA industry is broken, and continues giving us less for more. But here are two devs that took/are taking the time to release a full, finished, quality product.

And at least in the case of Gearbox, they're giving us fairly significant content/events for free. Unlike the rest of the AAA industry that wouldn't give us anything more than a single gun/vehicle for free.

AK91600d ago

Naughty Dog certainly but Gearbox? No way.