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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is the best CoD campaign in nearly a decade, thanks to fast pacing and great variety.

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SyntheticForm536d ago

I'd personally give it a 9; I think it's the best campaign since the original Modern Warfare. It's quality from beginning to end.

TGG_overlord536d ago

Then I need to check this one out for myself, because I haven't been down with COD for years.

SyntheticForm536d ago

Yeah, I'm surprised too. I always thought it looked good from the trailers but I wasn't sure about anything. I mean, it's another Call of Duty campaign, but this time it's serious and seriously good.

The story is told well - no confusing nonsense where they show a screen with mission blueprints before every mission. The story is actually really good and the characters are also good. This game doesn't hold back and it's refreshing.

Superb job this time.

iplay1up2536d ago

I have played 20 minutes of it, and I am impressed already.

ShinjukuSon536d ago (Edited 536d ago )

BO1 had the best campaign in my opinion. They absolutely killed it. Great atmosphere/vibes, music and writing.

shabz666536d ago

Totally agree. One of the best cod campaigns in a long time. Tbf infinite warfare was also not terrible.

NecrumOddBoy536d ago (Edited 536d ago )

"That’s not to say that uncomfortable, morally gray things don’t happen in this campaign; they do, and sometimes those events are directly in your control. Unarmed women die. Children are shot. Civilians can catch bullets. Suicide bombers are a threat. But even in Modern Warfare’s biggest moment...Infinity Ward wanders near the moral line but never actually steps up to or over it. That’s disappointing, because I’d really hoped this story would really have something meaningful to say about the soul-affecting nature of war in a time when the United States has been involved in so many conflicts for so long."

What is up with being so political and "moral" with this game? Of all the violent and M-Rated games IGN drools over, this is when they decide to be "holier than thou?"

stupidusername536d ago

I’ve never been into fps games so this is my first COD ever - and I really enjoy it! Though it’s also very samey. It’s just different variatons of point and shoot for hours, but the stealth missions, story, look and feel make it worth it. I’d never give it a 9 but it’s a solid 8 so far.

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shabz666536d ago (Edited 536d ago )

I beat this campaign in a single sitting, I’ve been playing cod campaigns since cod1 and United offensive, IMO this is one of the best cod campaigns since mw2. It’s really good. Well paced.

ShinjukuSon536d ago

Cough cough I think you mean BO1

shabz666536d ago

honestly didnt like black ops campaign as much, maybe i'm not a fan of the whole vietnam thing, but i did love the choices aspect of it tbh

CrimsonWing69536d ago

I’m surprised IGN even played the single player game with all the fussing about how the game crosses the line.

I knew they were all full of sh*t.

nyu1536d ago (Edited 536d ago )

No one was fussing. One or two people from IGN simply stated a concern about how the game would handle violence based on a preview. Now you all are using that as jerk material on any IGN coverage of COD.

"I knew they were all full of shit"

This is so fucking stupid it's unbelievable.

Father__Merrin536d ago

One of the reasons why the campaign is liked is simply it's been 2 years since anyone has played a cod campaign.

If bo4 had single player then this would have been seen lesser than what it is now.

zackeroniii536d ago

ummm...that is completely false and you know it...

Gwiz536d ago

The whole way they approach this campaign is very different from they used to.

antz1104536d ago

That's idiotic thinking.

iplay1up2536d ago

No, new game engine, and gameplay mechanics make the game better. This is easily the best looking COD game yet. I have it for X1X.

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jonivtec536d ago

Im not a multiplayer guy would have been cool to be able to buy the campaing only...

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