Cloud gaming streaming services set to change your game

In a major transformation for avid gamers, the arrival of Cloud-based game streaming services like Apple Arcade, Google Stadia and Microsoft Project XCloud is set to rejig the whole experience from traditional PC or mobile-driven gaming.

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Jin_Sakai539d ago

“Cloud gaming streaming services set to change your game“

By adding lag and video compression.

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You sound like one of those people in the 90s that couldn't grasp the concept that music streaming would be the future. Game streaming is the future whether you like it or not. Accept it or quit gaming.

isarai538d ago

Difference is the experience for music and film is completely unchanged when streamed, games are different in that it relies on interaction which is greatly affected by streaming

MasterCornholio538d ago (Edited 538d ago )

There's lag in streaming music but it doesn't affect your experience. However with streaming games it does.

I won't accept streaming as part of my future but I will continue gaming. You can't tell me otherwise.

nommers538d ago

Games, unlike music or movies rely heavily on save states. The idea of having to pay for a service just to keep your save data is heinous and the opposite of consumer friendly.

rainslacker537d ago

How about I accept it, and keep gaming the way I am now?

Or, you know, keep saying what it is I want when it comes to consuming my games, and then if something takes the place of what I want, then I quit gaming because I'm not going to pay for a sub service which doesn't give me the same experience I can get from a local client.

Sorry that I'm so contrary, but I prefer to act like a consumer and not be told what it is I want, and instead tell these companies what I want. Every single one of those past, "it's the future, get used to it", whether it be movies, music, or TV, all still have the traditional market available.


In the 90's there was satellite tv, which worked fine. Since music is less data than video and high speed internet is way faster than satellite, they didn't really have much of a lag problem. Streaming might work for simple games but now people are talking about 4k 60fps, raytracing, etc. These "streaming is the future" articles seem like paid ads to me. How is streaming going to "change your game" besides taking away ownership?

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Battlestar23538d ago

No thanks. If this becomes the main way games are played then i will quit gaming.

timotim538d ago

Sony has been doing cloud game streaming now for years. This isn't new.

Shikoku538d ago (Edited 538d ago )

No thanks. Also Microsoft claimed this 6yrs ago Im still waiting for the BS to make is appearence.

isarai538d ago

I think if cheap enough is fine for some throwaway non action games. Like id use it to play through the telltale games. But it'll never be my primary platform of play, not even close. And if we ever get to a future thats digital or streaming only, then im done with modern gaming.

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