TotalPlayStation: SOCOM: Confrontation Review

TotalPlayStation: "Post-patch SOCOM: Confrontation is a highly enjoyable online tactical shooter with an emphasis on realism and teamwork, but unfortunately the game has a few shortcomings and missing features preventing it from being something special."

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Pennywise3629d ago

And it will only get better!

Pennywise3629d ago

Yeah man :) I took the name from the group about 15 yrs ago or so.... Avatar from "IT" is cooler than a band ;)

BlackTar1873629d ago

someone might hear you : )

Socom rulz

Add me

dale13629d ago

whats it like now? getting better anyone know, waiting to get this in the uk

socalr63629d ago

It's my fav 3rd person shooter. But I prefer FPS. It will get some play every once in a while. The mic deal was worth it. Can't touch COD WAW though.

BlackTar1873629d ago

I think COD WAW is kinda bootsy and 2 easy.i cant have to much fun when i can get like 50 and 60 kills. Its a good game but not as good as 4 and still not very fun to me. but hey opnion is mine. So have fun got a bunch of clan mates who like it so party on have fun

Blitzed3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

I was going to buy the headset anyways at $49, so to get SOCCOM with it for $59 was a no-brainer. I wasn't even sure I would keep it (EB/ Gamestop would give you $13 or it which brings the headset to $46).

However I really enjoyed the game, I ahvn't had any server issues, and for $10 bucks its a deal! My only complaint is not being able to join a game your friend is in form the friends list. I'm sure that will come in a future patch though.

Oh, and the headset is a HUGE improvement over the Jabra.