Rumour: Could Horizon: Zero Dawn Point Its Bow at PSVR?

Aloy's Crossbow Training

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telekineticmantis1201d ago

That would be crazy. Hope the second game allows you to upgrade machines you've overridden, by defeating other ones with it and adding their weapons to it.

AK911201d ago

Eh I love PSVR and HZD but I don't think the two should mix.

Profchaos1201d ago

Reading the article they won't mix it will be an individual game soon off by the same guys that made the London heist probably more cover based again and you would only get to use a bow I would assume it only tackle machines that shoot at you

Monster_Tard1201d ago

So it's L̶i̶n̶k̶'̶s̶ Horizon Crossbow Training.

rainslacker1201d ago

I haven't been able to get into the open world VR games. I think it's the traversal mechanics which put me off. Seems like things like Skyrim would be perfect for it, but it becomes kind of cumbersome to move around, and the teleport stuff just doesn't feel natural to me.

Profchaos1201d ago

Yeah I felt like that in la noire but those games were last gen games ported there hasn't been real ope. World VR game yet

1201d ago
rainslacker1200d ago


Yeah, I know. But i just feels off. It's not just Skyrim, but most games that use similar traversal mechanics. It just feels really weird to me in 1st person mode. I know its counter-intuitive to what VR is supposed to be, but it is what it is.

Not trying to put those games down or anything. If people like them, I'm perfectly fine with that. Just stating my own feelings on the matter.

ApocalypseShadow1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

Would be amazing. Takedowns and attacks would have to be adjusted though. It would be Skyrim level fun.

Put Horizon, Spider-Man and Day's Gone in VR. That's the ticket.

phoenixwing1201d ago

i'd rather have a television screen to look at instead of vr. but as long as sony doesn't put all their eggs in one basket i'm fine with a title here and there going over to vr once in awhile as long as they don't forget to make a screen version down the line