GamerVision: Resistance 2 Review

GamerVision: "If the first Resistance was a taste of what Insomniac had to offer PS3 owners, then Resistance 2 is the main course. Sony fans now have a defining first-person shooter franchise that even in a crowded gaming season is a must own. The graphics are solid, the game plays incredibly well, and the story is reminiscent of the best summer action flicks. Add in robust online options and you have a title that belongs in anyone's library. It'll be interesting to see where Insomniac goes from here, but I can tell you without a doubt you won't want to miss it."

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funkycoldmedina3628d ago

A good score. I thought the first one dragged on a little too long but I really wished R2 would have been the same length because it was more enjoyable overall. Still 10-12 hours isn't too bad either. The MP is very fun even if ranked matches are difficult to find. Experienced several network issues/errors quite frequently yesterday and today.